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Thursday, July 30, 2009

home alone

...all my housemates left for Manila and i'm all alone this weekend...this is going to be fun...a housewarming perhaps for some close friends here in Cebu?

...or i can have sex like a pornstar without no one to bother me...yes?


...i'm craving for some Japanese tonight :)


Friday, July 24, 2009

down with the sickness

...i was alread halfway my shift when i decided to call it a day and go straight was my first time to go undertime from work all because of this fever..

...last temperature check was 38.1 (so yeah, i'm literally hot)...i'll be skipping work tonight to take a full rest and hopefully by the time i wake up i'll feel better...if not then i'll resort to having myself checked in the hospital arrest mode starts and web surfing combo coming up :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


...i spent the last 2 days lifting packing things, lifting boxes, doing quick fixes and all that comes in between...yes, the art of moving - to a different place that is :)

...i now got a bad case of muscle sore and badly needs some pain reliever but it's all worth it :)

...i'm sure going to be an online junkie and most probably be back to blogging again since my new place got unlimited wifi and way big enough for me to do cartwheels in the morning


...ow, did i tell you my curtain's orange? or you already probably know that by now :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

175k book drive

...well, one thing interesting happened this week and it involved one thing i really like - charity's something i don't get to do that often so whenever i get the chance i always make sure to make the most out of it...

...our company had a book drive campaign few weeks back and since all of my books were not kid appropriate (i'd be shocked if there's a kid out there who can tolerate few chapters of Wicked hehehe) i opted to just have some cash taken out from my salary and used it to purchase books for kids (i saw Alamat ng Lamok as one of the purchased titles bwhaahha! like WTF?!!! who would even bother knowing the mythical origin of mosquitos - oh well! hehehe)


...we went to i think the most remotely located school in existence like it was placed right smack in the middle of the jungle and i was wondering where those kids came from since i can't see much houses in the area...weird...just plain weird



...anyway, on top of delivering the books, we spent almost an hour reading some books to the kids from grade 1 to was something i haven't done before so the experience was really A+ :)


...if you take out the travel time and the effort you have to do to get there, i think i'd like to do it again :)


Tuesday, July 07, 2009


...i haven't posted anything for the last couple of weeks and that's because i don't have much to talk about myself lately...i'm such a bore sometimes

...i'll be taking some time off from blogging till i get something interesting to talk about :)

...i'll be on blog hopping mode for the mean time