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Friday, February 27, 2009

cum away with me...i mean come :)

...i was never the type who plan things in ahead...i want spontaneity and i like sorting things as they happened - that was the usual way until this month...i got 4 trips already booked every weekend of March :)

...i'll be heading to Davao the first week to attend my former housemate's wedding (something that up until now, i'm not yet fully decided on attending)...then the next weekend would be in Manila (mostly retail therapy...i need a new set of clothes to wear and yes - it's super hard to shop in Cebu coz of super limited choices)

...the next weekend will be in Bacolod, a place i'll be visiting for the first time...i'll go with a friend to fix her passport and me to get around the place and hopefully can find something/someone interesting enough to make the trip worthy...and maybe hit some place where i can soak up in the sun :)

...and for the last week, I'll be heading back to Bohol...and this time i'll enjoy the beach more than i did the last time...i'll skip the day tour part and just spend one weekend taking sometime off...and the best part of it is i'll be going there...alone :)

...wanna come? hehehe

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bohol and finishing slumdog

...i'm now back in Cebu after spending the weekend in Bohol with my girlfriends and i'll be back working my ass off again tonight...trying to catch up on things i missed

...surprisingly, i enjoyed Bohol big time...i'm not the "nature/beach lover" type but when i was there i asked myself why i didn't bother getting to this place way back when i have much time to spare knowing that it's just few hours from Cebu...oh well, i definitely will go back and will enjoy it more the next time


...the beach was almost perfect (well i don't have much comparison - as i've said, hitting the beach is always in the last of my list hehehe)...spent few hours soaking up in in the sun, just listening to some random tracks played on my iPod while watching beautiful strangers passing by :)



...before dinner time, i finished watching Slumdog Millionaire which i immensely enjoyed, one of the best films i've seen this year...and yeah - the hype around the movie is true...i guess it deserved all its Oscar glory..and i've been overplaying Jai Ho in my ipod unconsciously hehehe


...i'll skip the part of posting pictures about Chocolate Hills, tarsiers and all that stuff (i'm sure all of you are way too familiar with it heheh)...i'll leave that to my girlfriends :)


...i now have to get back to brain stopped working :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

off to Bohol

..i'll be with my girls few hours from now in Bohol...we're making separate trips though...they'll be coming from CDO while i'll be catching up with them this morning


...finally i could get to see the place after almost 5 years being in Cebu...i just didn't have the time to go until now

...i'm off to a bad start (miss the first trip) but hopefully things will get better when i get there

Monday, February 16, 2009


...i'm having a very bad headache that it felt like my head's going to crack open...and now it progressed to becoming a fever


...the price you have to pay for too much partying the last 3 days...but it was all worth it...i haven't had much fun like that in a long found friends - they're just amazing sometimes


Saturday, February 14, 2009


...i was in a corner table at Seattle's Best earlier and was busy chatting with someone when their signage almost fell on my missed me by few inches as well as Tonio....bad...very bad :)

...i need something sweet to lighten me up


...few cals won't hurt


...looks yummy noh?

Friday, February 13, 2009

catching up

...i'm catching up with American Idol...i just finished downloading 4 back episodes and i'm running an idol marathon after this post...this has been one of the craziest weeks ever for me work much happened in a span of 4 days and that includes saying goodbye to a friend :(

...anyway, this is the reason why i'm watching Idol...Megan...i just love her...she is my new Jennifer Garner :)


...i hope she gets to crack Top 24...i'm soo excited :)

...happy Valentine's day everyone...spread the love bbs :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


...everyone's talking about the Rihanna and Chris Brown incident this's too sad to know that their relationship ended (though not confirmed) in a very sour note... was just almost like yesterday where me and my friends immensely enjoyed their Manila was soo much fun - we didn't mind sweating in the middle of a huge crowd and belting out their songs like we were on steroids (specially during Rihanna's set) :)


...oh well, all good things come to an end

...this too shall, time for me to get back to this assignment my boss left me's actually a report that i need to interpret and i don't have any idea where to start or how to even begin deciphering looks like a huge brail sheet with multiple numbers in it...goodluck!!!

...way to spend the Valentines day right? and it's not only me by the way, my whole program is on critical workday mode this V-day...guess they all have to spend their V-day in the office after all hehehe


...yeah, i'm bitter :)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

about jeepney rides

...i took the jeepney earlier to Ayala because i had the luxury of time and the weather's just's always interesting to be inside a jeepney - it's a different crowd everytime...sometimes you get to sit right next to someone good looking enough to take home to your mom (well, i consider that a lucky day) or you'll be seated right next to someone who badly needs a deodorant (and that is a torture...oh yes) and trust me it happens almost all the time bwhehehe

...the worst thing about riding a jeepney is the "waiting" part...i can't stand the multiple stops you have to endure before you get to your destination...a 10 minute ride in a cab can be more than 30 minutes in a jeepney...but aside from that i think it's all ok...again, i had the luxury of time earlier and i didn't mind waiting :)

...grabbed some Frapp at the Coffee Bean and i'm now thinking where to have lunch


V-day is almost here, and i know for some it's overrated (well i think only for those who are bitter with love, and that does not include me hehehe)...either i'll have a date or not i'll be just fine :)


Saturday, February 07, 2009

leave me breathless

...have you stared at someone so beautiful like Bella does with Edward Cullen??? i think i just did...i'm sitting right next to this guy in Seattle's Best and he looks like a God and he's turning me into a mediocre looking mortal...if only i can steal glances often without him noticing then i'd be happier

Photobucket's pretty amazing how someone can leave you breathless and awed at the same time...sigh :)

...we're so close, yet so far bweheehh


...see that elbow action? hahay!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

do you like?

...i'm planning to buy this baby next month

Photobucket like? watchuthink?

...or should i check out TechnoMarine first?...round watches are not for my wrist no matter how beautiful it is (the orange Tag i tried on few weeks back was an example)

...i wish someone will give me this Bvlgari i wore last bestfriend's husband let me wear it for a day :)



Monday, February 02, 2009

let's do this again...shall we?

...i'm too tired from the trip...but it was all soo worth it...i'll let the pictures do the talking


...from end of shift straight to the beach



...spent a lovely dinner bit dressed up (except for the slippers by the way) :)




...and got drunk till early morning..God! it felt sooo good

Photobucket official drunk mugshot bweheheh


...woke up with an aching head and enjoyed an early breakfast, feeling the cold sea breeze


...and of course, some needed water action and then some :)




Photobucket was indeed a perfect more round with me anyone? hehehe