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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the daily whiteboard cleaner

...found the newest way to workout to lose weight 'side from trying to go on a all of mah doodles in my whiteboard when the shift ends...

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...i can feel like i'm burning some calories now hehehe...more baby more :)

oh well...i need desperate help...everyone's saying i'm bordering the line of being a bit chubby to fat :(

...but no! i gotta host some dinner by thursday with some close friends...goodluck with the diet...who am i kidding? and ow, i badly need a shave...later

Sunday, June 24, 2007

one fab wedding coming up :)

...woke up a bit early than the usual and got a call from my bestfriend 'bout her Christina Aguilera concert/Hongkong getaway plans 2 weekends from now...too bad guess all the good seats been taken for the concert :(

...i'm supposed to be in Cee-Dee-Oh by next week to attend a wedding of a close friend (goodness everyone's wanting to get hitched these days)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket's gonna be another big chinese mafia gathering (saw the Gaisano's in the list) and the sushi bar at the reception's enough reason for me to fly to the wedding and leave work hehehe DIET!!! :)

***congrats Joy...i'll see yah soon...mwahhh!

Friday, June 22, 2007

all about...Mikee was the first time i logged in back to YM after almost an eternity...good thing i was still able to remember my password and was amazed by the number of friends online - friends that i didn't get the chance to talk to for a long time...

...had a random chat with Mikee (it was the first time we talked over ym - after knowing him for almost 2 years now...weirdness heheeh) and i got a secret to tell hehehe...nah...i should go out with the biatch so i can post a better picture than this...

***we both look like lil' kids in a kindergarten break hehhee

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...and ow, i spent some time running through your archives, looking for any post with me in it (narcissistic mode activate) and found these heheheh

***taken at starbucks ages ago

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***edited stuff, after we had dinner at bigby's and bought you some slush thingy..

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***taken when we meet up after me getting back from CDO

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***captioned when i changed hair color and had a new cut...funny :)

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***and some random shot at starbs

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OMG!!! i'm gonna stop...i'm falling in love with you's nice to look back at these pics though it features more of me than you, well what i can say...i still love ME more hahaha

...more of the biatch in his blog :
  • BitchyMikeyMike
  • Tuesday, June 19, 2007

    cat got my tongue :P happened twice today where i was caught up in a compromising situation - i mean it's not that much of a big deal but then i felt like i gave a big part of my privacy --- as if i have much hehehe

    1. was teasing an officemate earlier about his network password when suddenly the question was throown back at me...i turned beet red and was speechless...i never thought that password would mean such a thing --- rather wouldn't want to spill the whole details coz i'm blushing again..

    2. i posted one of those random surveys in Friendster bulletin and few minutes after i got a call from someone who questioned me on the answers i did in that survey...and yet again, i couldn't find the exact words to say...i didn't realize that some are really paying attention to all the nonsense things you do to relieve your boredom...a lesson learned

    ...anyway enough of that...time for some random hotness!!!

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    ...yellow can be sooo HOT!!!

    Monday, June 18, 2007

    in loving memory : Ash's Hair Blower ( Oct 2006 - June 18,2007 )

    ...i'm in a mourning state right now...after almost a year of totally abusing my blower to the full extent it finally gave up...was using it earlier when suddenly smoke came out from its nozzle and when i checked it, it gave a faint glow like a dying flashlight...the moment is so made me cry...oh well. thanks for all the memories :)

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket's gonna be "cap day" for the next 3 days to work till i can get a new blower by the time my off comes...guess i'm gonna be spending more time with this baby :)

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    ...on a lighter note, i finally was able to have some time with my girls for a lunch break at Roma Mia for some godfather chops and tuna belly - my schedule's really nasty - it keeps me away from my lovelife and my close friends..oh well...gotta save up more moolah so i can stop being a corpo slave and live a normal life...i can perfectly paint a picture out of it now...

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    ...snap back to reality...still got tons of coaching to do :)

    ...and ow...Goldine drop-off something to ruin my diet hehehe...the "to-die-for" cupcakes from Sonja (feels like Sex and the City all over again) and some Krispy Kremes...hyper mode for too much sugar but still they're super YUM!

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    ...these 2 babies are for Keith...chubaboink time :)

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    Sunday, June 17, 2007

    i fell in love

    ...the first time i laid my eyes on 'em a week ago...then i saw 'em again while browsin' through some online shopping site...guess i'm gonna be doing another trip at that optical i go again being impulsive...think...contemplate

    ...these new Burberry babies are almost better than sex...they're super yum!

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    ...the gold rim's sooo hotness

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    they're both super delish and what's best is they both look good on me hehehe

    Friday, June 15, 2007

    hotstuff : Fantastic Four on a friday night

    ...'twas the first time i was out on a friday since God knows when...(i miss those ole' Greenbelt days - weekend with friends with the usual dinner-movie-clubbin type)...or maybe it just so happen that payday falls on a friday and most of the people are having their "one-day millionaire" moment, but who cares right?

    ...watched Fantastic Four with of the coolest movie i've seen in a long time...liked it even better than Spiderman and the sequel's way better than the first one...wanted to be blonde again because of Jessica Alba and Chris Evans is sooo hotness :)

    ...gotta watch it again...this time in full autistic mode hehehe

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket back to work again later...kill me now!

    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    a warm bath and having grace under so much pressure


    "it's as if you climbed into a warm bath and are luxuriously relaxing, but you are being washed by your own reassuring thoughts rather than by water. You have a great capacity to create by simply focusing on the results and placing them in your mind's eye. Don't expect anything to happen overnight; it could take a few weeks to see real progress."

    --- my horoscope for the day took the exact words from my mouth with what i need right now...a long , warm bath...this is the most pressured week i ever had in my 3-year stint as a corpo slave - first day with work was almost like a torture...

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    ...the big bosses are all here and just when i need to have all the "pogi points" in the world, my scores started slipping...the hell!!! good thing was able to come back up after 3 days or else i'm so screwed :)

    ...i looked super stress but still managed to do camwhorin'

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    ..and good thing Sanchia's back from a 1-week least I have someone to yell at :)

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    ...i'll be doing all these later :

    1. get a haircut
    2. eat lechon for lunch
    3. finish the book that i'm reading
    4. go to an officemate's children party
    5. watch Fantastic Four
    6. get a massage
    7. and a lil' something somethin before hibernating

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    ..can't wait :)

    Sunday, June 10, 2007

    the moon got lost again last night :(

    ...i was auto-out from the office the moment my shift ended coz i gotta make the most out of my single day off from work but something spoiled it for me...wake up with an aching head and started throwing up like crazy (nasty shrimp i had for lunch - maybe it wasn't as fresh as i've imagined them to be)

    ...was waiting for something special to happen this day, good thing i've followed the advice of a friend not too expect much coz i might only end up disappointed...and as far as it goes now - yes i guess i gotta give up on that thought and go back to hibernate mode...

    ...went outside the apartment and started staring at the sky trying to find the moon for some relief but it seem even that pleasure is taken away from me...oh well, maybe next week i'll be happier...maybe later i'll wake up again - hopefully the moon will be there to share my solitude :) tomorrow i gotta do some retail therapy...i miss doing this :)

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    Saturday, June 09, 2007

    lost in transition

    ...i was thinking that i could get a final relief from dragging my ass off for the next 2 days to work, but NO!! my schedule was suddenly changed...snap! just like moving to a different days off from work and as part of the transition, i'll be only getting 1 day for off...enough for me to recover little of lost sleep...kill me now!!!

    ***lost babies :(

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket, the coming week's gonna be the toughest of boss (the devil wears prada type) ATM's split in half...will someone give me some money...and some love pleaseeee!!!

    Thursday, June 07, 2007

    "i never got there" and i'm close to retirement an e-mail earlier which was really surprising...this exact day marks my 3rd year being with E-tel and surprisingly i'm still partly happy with being here (2 years more to go and i'll have my retirement plan hehehe)...this job as they say is the ultimate "social suicide"...i haven't even watched TV for the longest time (thanks for Youtube, i'm still in touch with the drama of local showbiz hehehe) and a lovelife killer...but then again, maybe not :)

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    ...went to see a local chick flick earlier, just couldn't get the sleep that i need so might as well make the most of my stale time...the movie's really funny and heartwarming at the same time...i must say i never imagined Piolo can be soooo HOT! hehehe...all of those who got to see it can relate to the infamous "i never got there" line...i'm wondering if i can get to say that to someone...soon hehehe

    ...went to have dinner with friends from work to celebrate my anniversary...then had quick coffee at Starbucks...they got this new flavor "Azuki" frapp...sweet :)

    ...had to do interviews for newbies later for the program,first requirement is looks then the rest follows hehehe...nah kidding...and i got to enjoy a big breakfast at Marriott later with a friend....gawd! i'm bordering morbid obesity...i need desperate help or a smack in the forehead for eating too much :)

    Tuesday, June 05, 2007

    wait for you

    ...fell in love with this song after seeing it performed in AI exactly explains how i feel right now :) oh yeah, i'm the hopeless romantic type in case you didn't know :)

    ...i'll be waiting


    Baby why can’t we just start all over again
    Get it back to the way it was
    If you give me a chance I can love you right
    But you’re telling me it won’t be enough

    So baby I will wait for you
    Cause I don’t know what else I can do
    Don’t tell me I ran out of time
    If it takes the rest of my life

    Monday, June 04, 2007

    hopefully when i get back, ill be better

    ...i couldn't find my sleeping pills today, guess someone hid it so i can stop taking 'em...been wanting to just hibernate or either kill my time watching too much tv just to get my mind off thinkin bout someone...

    ...i'm never good at hiding my feelings and i think i'll always end up as a bad actor if i'll be in showbiz...i wanted to cry till 4am in the morning like Gwen does in her song but the last pill i took knocked me off just when i'm about to let 'em pour out...

    ...i'm going to file an emergency leave later at work, this feeling has been affecting me last week for the last 3 days...i'm just staring blankly at the computer screen, my agents can't seem to bother me at all up to the point that i don't even want to talk to them...and this is all unfair...

    ...i'll be going home - much sooner than what i've planned...hopefully when i get back, ill be better

    Saturday, June 02, 2007

    the domino effect...misery loves company

    ...had a quick chat with a friend over AIM earlier...

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    we we're so happy with how our lovelife was going few weeks back then it suddenly took a complete turn and now it feels like we're going back to square one...ironically i'm using Euphoria by Calvin and i'm not feeling the same way...what's worst is the house classic "Happy" is playing in the background...oh well, life irony , it hits you when you least expect it :)

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    AlfredoMPHI [8:01 A.M.]: why are we not happy?
    "kristine" [8:01 A.M.]: coz were already perfect by ourselves. maybe god thinks we don't need a significant other.
    "kristine" [8:01 A.M.]: char!
    AlfredoMPHI [8:01 A.M.]: depressing
    AlfredoMPHI [8:02 A.M.]: seriously, why are we not happy?
    "kristine" [8:02 A.M.]: i dunno. maybe were not really meant to be happy
    "kristine" [8:02 A.M.]: do u think were nice people? do u think we deserve not to be happy?
    AlfredoMPHI [8:02 A.M.]: jsut when i thought that i can be happy, it was all part of a precious illusion
    AlfredoMPHI [8:03 A.M.]: i am nice...i can be a super bitch sometimes but i'm a good person
    AlfredoMPHI [8:03 A.M.]: and i think i deserve to be happy
    "kristine" [8:03 A.M.]: am nice too. n i deserve to be happy but how come were not?
    AlfredoMPHI [8:04 A.M.]: riddle..riddle...i need cheesecake and some sex
    AlfredoMPHI [8:04 A.M.]: and i wish it could be that easy to get 'em both...
    "kristine" [8:05 A.M.]: i wish i know what i want. cant even think.

    ...i need someone to talk to over a bottle of vodka...nyone? drop me a line :)

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    ***somebody wipe this poker face off of me...