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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Here we go with the resolutions...i think i'd like to copy paste some items from last year because i never get to do them :) hopefully this time, my will's stronger than my body and mind hehehe

1. Less coffee. I will only have coffee on weekends unless someone's paying for me during workdays :) That's instant Php 1,100 savings right there per week!

2. Need to zero out credit card dues and have the other one canceled.

3. Go less on the carbs and this time be serious about it and not go on one-time yoyo diets. The goal is to fit back into those Tylers'.

4. Less indulgence (and i'm not talking about the material things hehehe).

5. Will try to enroll in a gym. TRY is the operative no pressure at all.

6. Be more in touch with old friends. Go on a vacation to visit them once in every 3 months. You'll see me more often in CDO and Manila this time and who knows NYC!!! right Danne?

7. Plan to go to Bangkok middle of the year - yes, the gay sabbatical either alone or with someone (that is if i'm still attached hehehe).

8. Start investing. Enough said.

9. Learn to drive this year. This is really is it!.

10. Be happier this 2010.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

crazy ex

...i got a text message late in the afternoon yesterday from a friend telling me about how my ex (the 2nd one) is going ballistic on him...i called up my friend and asked for the details - the dirty details (X was calling him names - the really nasty ones)

...i just find it absurd that up until this time he thinks that he still got a hold of me and i don't even know how he found out about me being friends with someone he happened to know...all of my exes (which is not much of a number by the way -2) deleted me from their FB account so you can call it stalking at its finest if they get to find details about whatever is happening with my life...

...anyway, i just hope that he gets to finally move on (i thought he already did)...and i wish that he gets to grow up and be mature about the thing that happened between was short and sweet and ending the relationship was the right thing to do before anything worse happens

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

little black book Starbucks journal is my new blog/black's actually the first time i tried using one coz usually i used to give them as gifts to friends for x-mas...and since i like the material this year, i decided to keep one for myself...and i can't stop writing random rants and raves in it and i was flipping pages like crazy posting doodles and stuff :)

...few day more and '09 is over...i'll skip the resolutions this time...i never get to do any one of them anyway specially the overused "diet" who am i kidding? heheheh


..before the year ends i want one of these babies so badly :)


Friday, December 25, 2009

relationship status

...something unexpected happened the short time i was here in the "bukid" for x-mas :)


...oh well, talkin' about some weekend love affair and could be a bad romance in the making....let's see how this one goes :)

Monday, December 21, 2009


...had the worst hangover earlier this morning and i got an early flight to catch at that...good thing i was throwing up like crazy that by the time it was over i felt like i did instant detox...word for the wise - never drown yourself with 7 bottles of GPS, i tell you, you will hate yourself for doing it

...i'm now in the "bukid" for christmas with my family :) and just few minutes ago, i heard crickets...i haven't heard that sound for a really long time it was refreshing hehehe

...chill mode to the highest level starts now...enjoy your x-mas bbs! :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

i'll be home for christmas a span of less than an hour (52 minutes to be exact), i kiss 40k+ goodbye...these are the times that as much as you want to love x-mas, the thought of overspending is not something to be loved at all...and mind you, i haven't started buying gifts yet coz what i was doing was paying multiple bills - credit card, phone bill and the whole nine yards

...2 days more and i'm going home to spend time with my family for 8 days - perfect fix for some time off from work which i badly needed...and i'm excited this time coz some of my childhood friends that i haven't seen for a very long time will also be home..yey!

...hopefully this x-mas will turn out just fine :)


Saturday, December 12, 2009


...did some charity work earlier this morning at a home for sick and malnourished kids somewhere in Cebu...getting there was almost a horror ride - it's like the slumps of India magnified ten folds and i don't want to start talking about the details of the's just bad, no, horrible is the correct word

...i'm sure anyone who can see those kids will have their heart broken...they all looked so fragile and all you want to do is to take care of them and take them out of the place they're in...but that's not always the case...i can't imagine how these parents go on having unprotected sex and not thinking about the consequences


...oh well, enough of my rants...i'm just thankful that i'm blessed...sure, i have enough set of my own problems but that's not even half of what those kids have now and will have in the future...i'm just hoping that something bright will be ahead of them :)


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

the best 5 days..probably

...was in CDO the last weekend (well 5 days actually)...the initial plan was to attend a concert and a wedding after that plus a road trip come Sunday for some ancestral home visit and some pizza...all were done except for the road trip (i hate it when people bail out at the last minute - such spoilers)

...but anyway, this vacation was just what i needed, i had a hell of a work week before that (thanks for having 2 of your big boss around)...i'll let the pictures do the talking :)






...i don't know how many cups of coffee i've drowned myself with the last 5 days...and i don't want to start talking about the multiple dinners i had with friends...the pile of calories is just in time for the holidays (hey, at least i got an excuse)

...and ow, one last thing, i finally finished the fifth and final Percy Jackson installment...i super love it!!! i can't still move mind's still filled with too much love for Greek mythology