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Friday, May 30, 2008

i'm embarass and fuck the reviews

...i've done something embarassing two days ago though i never got the chance to blog about it right away...we did a "SantaCruzan Parade" thingy in the office where participants should be from leadership and since i was the only male left (well technically) from my program, i got to be the escort hehehe...we needed to do a lil' skit but we didn't play the part...wearing the barong right under an arc was humiliating enough hehehe...



...anyway, i'm gonna be watching SJP and the other gals from Sex and the City later, it's nice to see them all back...they've been a staple of my Saturday nights when i was still in highschool till college and seeing them in the big screen would be such a treat...fuck the bad reviews about the's time to lust again for the pretty dresses i may never get to wear in this lifetime and some of those luscious stuff they have that i may never get to afford...


...and if i have enough energy left, i'll be finishing this beautiful yet very touching book authored by Jenna Bush and browse through the new edition of Metro HIM...

...enjoy the weekend babies :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

something to remember

my mom was here in the city for a day to give me a visit...we had the usual mom-son date but somethin' happened which i think will make her visit something to remember, well at least for a while...every mom has this habit on trying to organize their son's room even if were ok with the current state their in and she happened to make her way arranging my bedside table...


i was as red as a beet and was too embarrass when my mom sorted my CD collection and found discs of gay porn in all of their naked glory stacked between piled audio discs....that moment felt like i'm caught jackin' off/shaggin someone red handed hehehe...good thing she's always the type who doesn't ask questions and she just pretended like she was arranging Mariah's discs like nothing happened...hehehe

...on the bright side, my table's in order now :)


Sunday, May 25, 2008

super post Mother's Day mother's in town for a day...i gotta play the "best son in the world" part :) time to go see Indiana Jones right after a lunch date

...sweet :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

this just ain't right

...i've listened to the preview of Scarlett Johansson's "Anywhere I Lay My Head" album and it really felt strange - in a kinda bad felt like she was singing while being submerged in an underwater tank gasping for breath

...she's a pretty face and a good actress but i like to leave it just like that...spare the singing part please...but i'm sure there's someone out there raving and liking this album to death...that's just me

...try to listen to the debut cut "Falling Down" and you'll exactly feel what i'm talking about...the track reminds me of Mono but way better


Friday, May 23, 2008

just because...he had it coming

...i was having my iPod in full shuffle mode when it played something i haven't heard in years...i didn't even know i had it in one of my playlists...brought back random memories and i must say this is one of those songs you wouldn't mind playing for one more time


Now, I'm standing in the kitchen
carvin' up the chicken for dinner,
minding my own business,
and in storms my husband Wilbur,
in a jealous rage.
"You been screwin' the milkman,"
he says. He was crazy
and he kept screamin',
"you been screwin the milkman."
And then he ran into my knife.
He ran into my knife ten times.."

...that's my fave part from the "Cell Block Tango" off the Chicago soundtrack...which led me to ask...would you be doin' the same thing they did if you were in the same situation?

...would you also be singing "he had it coming"?

...thoughts :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

it was worth the wait

...seeing David Cook won Idol was worth the extra hours i spent on the TV instead of getting my usual sleep time

..and seeing Bryan Adams again after a long time was orgasmic...he's just like fine wine

...enough said! :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

visually stunning

...amidst all bad reviews and tanking at the box office (in the US that is), i still decided to watch Speed Racer...actually it wasn't my choice but of ian (she's a super big fan of Rain), she wanted to see Rain in his first attempt at Hollywood...this was after a good serving of Malaysian chicken satay perfectly blended with home made peanut sauce (one of the best without being bias) served by my friend Marissa :)

...going back to Speed Racer, it was one if not the most visually stunning or should i say colorful movie i've ever seen...i felt like they've used all known colors in the world in this flick...and coming from the Wachowski brothers, you can expect the usual best graphic effects they're known for Matrix...the story lines takes conscious effort for you to keep up with the pace but other than that, the whole plot is quite easy to get :)


...went to Starbucks for a little caffeine fix then went home after...wore my biker jacket feeling the speed racer moment for a bit hehehe


...anyway, somethin super nice before i say goodnight :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

i love you

...i had a haircut earlier and got a new hair color....while waiting for the hair color to get done, i saw a guy right across from me whispering "i love you" to the girl 2 seats away from my side which was his girlfriend...catching that act made me felt happy for that moment...happy for them, happy for other people in love least i know i'm not bitter with love :)

...cheesy stuff yah know...hahay :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

life's a bitch and then you die

...woke up a bit earlier and was starving and at the same time was feeling lethargic that i didn't bother looking for something to eat...instead a song keeps playing in my head and i just can't remember the title but weird thing is i'm singing the song aloud :)

...turned out to be one track from Dawson's Creek OST (Life's a Bitch by Shooter), next thing i know i was on Limewire searching for the whole album tracks and had it successfully uploaded in my iPod...sweet :)


Track Listings

1. Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer
2. Lose Your Way - Sophie B. Hawkins
3. Feels Like Home - Chantal Kreviazuk
4. Life's A Bitch - Shooter
5. Ready For A Fall - PJ Olsson
6. Stay You - Wood
7. Any Lucky Penny - Nikki Hassman
8. Shimmer - Shawn Mullins
9. London Rain - Heather Nova
10. To Be Loved - Curtis Stigers
11. Letting Go - Sozzi
12. Crying Ophelia - Adam Cohen
13. Did You Ever Love Somebody - Jessica
14. Blame it on the weatherman - B*witched (Bonustrack)
15. Not like other girls - S.O.A.P. (Bonustrack)
16. I Don't Want To Wait - Paula Cole my faves on bold and who would ever forget Paula Cole's song that would instantly take you back to Dawson's the way, Pacey gave me multiple orgasms way way back and he's still the hotness :) i got something to listen to that will remind me of high school :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

they finally tied the knot

...after 5 years of being together, they finally tied the knot (my housemate Erick and her GF Karen - both were my classmate way back college) and it's one of the reason why i stayed longer than planned last week in Cee-Dee-Oh

...the wedding turned out to be sort of a reunion with my college friends, some i haven't seen for the longest time, some were already married and with kids while some stayed just the way they were when we parted ways years ago

***workin' the camera before the reception started



...and some other shots outside the church



...and look ma! i found my future sugar daddy hehehe :)


...too bad i forgot to take a shot with the couple hehehe...something i need to remind myself the next time i'll attend a wedding :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

got to make the move

...i'm once again back to work and i got to make BIG decisions about my career...moving on to something different and getting out of my comfort zone would be quite risky but i'm hoping it will be for the better...everything requires perfect timing and of course a little stroke of luck to get to a place that i need to be with work..

...i'm still a bit disoriented and still in the process of catching up with things but i'm definitely sure that i'll be able to get this worked out before this shift ends..

...surprisingly, i'm now feeling sleepy (even with a grande soy latte from Starbs by my side)...this is my usual bed time when i was on vacation...gotta make another body clock change again

...welcome me back to the call center world :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

feel the rain on your skin

...i'm back in Cebu :)

...and what welcomes me is heavy rain...if only i don't have this nasty cold, i'll be enjoying the rain outside :)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

i've got few more days left

...i'm about to end my 2-week vacation (which is what i badly needed) and i can see myself back in that boring chair in front of a pc in a corner workstation working my ass off doing the same shit all over again...

...if there's any consolation to it, i got the chance to do some of things i've been wanting to do for the longest time...i got the time to see some old friends (some who were already too different for me to comprehend)'s amazing what time can do to a person but still it's super nice to reminisce about the past over a cup of coffee while carbo overloading at the same time :)

***reunited with my girlfriends :) - yeah! i was way too straight before hehehe




***i managed to squeeze in some time to revisit Xavier :) - too bad i realized my time in that school was wayyy over...i didn't see any familiar faces at all :(


***and a random shot from Davao :)

Photobucket they say all good things come to an better make the most of the few days i have left for the vacation...i got one fab wedding i need to attend so i'd better be ready :)

...if only i can get rid of this nasty cough and itchy nose i'll be happier :)

Monday, May 05, 2008

i'm getting away from global warming

...just spent a fabulous unplanned weekend in Davao (a place i've been wanting to go to for the longest time) with some of my best friends...although i missed out some top-of-the-list-must-go-places like the croc farm and that zipline, i still enjoyed regency was just one perfect place to crash after not having any direction of where to go to

...after getting home from davao, i spent almost 10 agonizing hours of road trip to my hometown


Photobucket the place where i was born...a place where you can get a break from global warming...a place where it's an effort for you to get some signal for your mobile phone (to the extent that you have developed a special attachment to the roof of your house hehehe) - but still this is one place that would always be special and i would always come back week's work again...i need to think about a lot of things that i don't even know where to of now, i'll just have to clear my mind off things and just enjoy this moment of peace

Thursday, May 01, 2008


...felt good coming back to a place you call home...seeing familiar places and of course getting to see those happy faces from your family and friends...i haven't made any post after i got back to Cebu - felt like it's in the bottom part of my list right now with things that i still need to do

Photobucket's going to be a busy weekend :)

...another photoblog coming up soon :)