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Thursday, June 26, 2008

dead...for a while

...this is how the weather looks like most of the time outside


...gloomy and ironically comforting for me...i'd be in blogging hibernation one more time...i'll shut up till i get somethin' interesting to talk about

Friday, June 20, 2008

ain't no sunshine's been raining non-stop for the last 2 days - not that i'm complaining by the's the perfect excuse to go hibernate mode without the guilt plus you get to wear your fave jackets and it's the perfect timing, it's the weekend thus i'm off from work...just perfect

...i wouldn't mind not seeing the sun for 2 days more...maybe an exception for few hours tomorrow (i'll be attending a kid's party at Mickey D's)...i'll be havin' that big smile in my again - which happens everytime i get to see that yellow M sign :)


...enjoy your weekend babies :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

new moon and a trailer

...i've been obsessing lately with Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series that it is now part of my daily habit...i need to make sure to cover at least 4-5 chapters each day before going to bed (which happens in the morning by the way) and sometimes 2-3 chapters after waking up...a way of procrastinating before preparing for work...


...i went to Powerbooks last Sunday and decided to buy the 2 other books instead of waiting for my bestfriend to send in her copies...besides it's something that i might need re-reading soon...reading about Vampires was once an obsession, i went through multiple search engines looking for anything related to the subject and once came a time that all i can talk about is Ann Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" hehehe...

and now comes this..


...i have 4 chapters left before i get to finish Twilight (most likely i'll have it done after tonight's shift) then i can get to start reading "New Moon"

...i can't wait to rip their shiny plastics hehehe


...and here's the trailer of the movie based from this book, to be released 2nd week of December :) the lead is played by Robert Pattinson...remember Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter 4? yummy noh?'s orgasmic

Saturday, June 14, 2008

on manning lines and queues

...i was back to working on a Saturday night (something i haven't done for more than a year now) though it's gonna be only for this week...what's disappointing was it turned out i was the only TL who's scheduled for the entire shift... expected, i did the one man/woman show felt refreshing though doing soemthing you haven't done for a long time...i was manning a whole shift, calling out the shots on who's going in, who's out , when they can take breaks or's like handling a fragile Lego toy with you being so careful for it not to fall apart

...much like on real life, it's all about the perfect timing...knowing when to call the right shots, knowing when to let go and knowing when to give up

...oh well, at least i get to attend a friend's birthday party later...carbo overload and then some :)

..enjoy the rest of your weekend, i just did mine...working :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

starting twilight

...i haven't been blogging much lately (well at least not like the way i used before)...blame it on having to work full time again and getting lesser slack time for this kind of stuff...i can't even do blogging at home because our DSL's disconnected (someone didn't bother to pay the bill for the last 5 months...amazing....and that wasn't me if you ask)

...while waiting to have it reconnected and get myself back to my old blogging momentum, i'm back to my 2nd love next to music which is reading...i used to kill time flipping pages of Ann Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" or that Dan Brown series which was way hyped before

...i recently finished Jenna Bush's work entitled "Ana's Story" - a story about a girl born with HIV and how she coped with it through childhood till she got one of her own child...story's really pure and simple in a way that you can relate to it at some point (since this is third world anyway) and the story seems too familiar that what's in it can be found whenever you watch one of those current soap operas' on TV - Pinoy drama is too theatrical sometimes


...since i got an extra time off from work, i went to Powerbooks earlier and bought Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight"...i know i'm a bit late and i need a lot of cathing up (with Eclipse and New Moon that is to complete the series) at least i can get to finish it before the movie gets released later this year...

Photobucket's like remembering my Ann Rice moments all over again :)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

it was love at first sight favorite couple in the whole wide world (second to my own of course hehehe) is in town to celebrate their anniversary...and i feel like i'm in love all over again hehehe

Happy Anniversary! :)


...and speaking of falling in love, i found the perfect portable that i'm gonna be buying - the Dell XPS was love at first sight...aside from the amazing specs, it has a sleek silver and crimson red finish, what more can i ask for?


...i'm reading through reviews from forums and in Cnet and checking the specs, after all i worked with Dell for more than a year, i should know it by heart hehehe

...i need 80 grand, i'll try to buy it on my own and give myself 2 months, if all else fails then mom's always one call away for helpline hehehe...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


...i was having a nosebleed earlier when i was on the way to the office..literally! worst thing is i didn't have any tissue to wipe the blood off my hands...bit morbid...and i was wearing my white jacket to make the situation more difficult


...the nosebleed moment continued till lunchtime, i was given excess tissue while having lunch at Shakeys...weird thing is i couldn't find any reason why i was having a nosebleed...maybe i'm starting to see the after effects of staying too long in a call center environment hehehe

Monday, June 02, 2008

i'd like to play with fire

...i always tend to get sociophobic in an instant if it gets too crowded and this is something that i've been trying to change for the longest time coz for sure others perceive it me being a big snobbish pig a work in progress when it comes to my people skills - working still

...spent my Sunday at the beach but i was not there to have a vacay or to chill, it was for a company event, something that happens annually, something that i have already get used to...we were asked to wear purple but for some reasons (which is totally out of my control and will), we ended wearing black - yes BLACK - in the beach!

***good thing i snatched this gorgeous hat for some shade



...then they had me joined one game (which is way too physical for my level)...i don't know what it's called but mechanics were's where you tie a balloon in your feet and someone will try to pop it and vise feels like someone popping my cherry minus the orgasmic effect hehehe


...the one thing i genuinely enjoyed the whole night was the firedancing from these two's nice to play with fire indeed **wink**



...did an "eat-and-run" moment before it hits was literally hot ( i was still wearing the black shirt) and i badly needed a shower

Sunday, June 01, 2008

guilty pleasure and SSB

...what's your guilty pleasure?...something that you really enjoy yet at the same time you don't want anyone else to find out about it...either it's quite embarassing or maybe it's quite something taboo to others that you'd rather keep it to yourself...

...i remember watching one episode of Sex and the City where Carrie Bradshaw was talking about each of us having our own SSB (Single Secret Behavior) could be from the simple biting of nails instead of using your good 'ole nailcutter or binging Oreos while watching your favorite porn by midnight - whatever it all boils down to one thing...they gave us the pleasure and at the same time letting go of any inhibitions while doing it (these would most likely apply to our best kept secret erotic fantasy hehehe)...

...well, i got lots of SSB actually, 2 of my closest friends already know about it, but there's one that i think is pretty normal and something that i did earlier which led me to writing this's doing a marathon of watching super cheesy Tagalog films...think of "Kailangan Kita", "When Love Begins", "My Big Love" (which i just enjoyed earlier hehehe) and all of those Ai-Ai's slapstick comedies and you'll know what i'm talking about...hehehe...


...the only reason why i had it considered SSB is that most of my friends don't really know that i'm the type who digs for these corny stuff (or at least i think)...but there, now you know it, i if in case you have a copy of some of the Tagalog flicks shown lately that i might have missed then let me know and for sure you'll put on a big smile on my face :)

..."Caregiver" anyone? hehehe