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Sunday, November 30, 2008

chasing pavements

...until when do you know it's time to give up on something?...i felt like a mouse on a cheese hunt lately, problem is i don't even know if that cheese is something i really want...i've been quite emotional these days for no apparent reason and it's no longer funny...(and i'm even listening to keith Urban's "Tonight I Wanna Cry" while i'm writing this post which makes it more depressing)

...i need to stop on obsessing about a thought i know would lead to nothing...the earlier the better

...nyway, enough of the emo stuff...i recently found my new chill place and i've been going here for 5 straight days now...


...hope it wouldn't get too crowded here soon or else i'll start looking for a new spot


Saturday, November 29, 2008

sexual favors for you...if

...i'm sure by now most of you already got your x-mas wishlist posted (hoping that someone might come across it and make some of 'em true hehehe) which is by the way my exact same purpose of making this post :) here we go with the mandatory x-mas wishlist and hopefully someone with a big heart can spare some time to make it real (and this year i'm keeping it way simple hehehe)

1. Speck clear case 13" - this is for Tonio (my Mac) so it can have a change of's been orange for the longest time - oh yeah...i'm going for the sky blue


2. Kiehl's Facial Fuel - my fave moisturizer is about to go empty...i need some replenishment


3. Keyboard protector - another accessory for Tonio, i want the silicone type with cover for the palmrest included

4. Giorgio Armani/D&G - i lost my Giorgio Armani shades a month ago (which cost me almost an arm and a leg when i bought it 2 years ago heheh)...just make sure it's a square frame and we're good :)


5. A pair of Diesel or Levi's Copper jeans

6. A bottle of Diesel's Fuel for Life or L'Homme by YSL

....there, as i've said, i'm keeping it short and the way, did i tell you i'll give you 1000 sexual favors in return for each of these items? hehehe


...i still got exactly 6 hours more before my shift ends and i dunnow how to survive it...i got nothing to do - as in ZERO...gawd!!! - enough of the Thanksgiving hangover already and give me somethin to get my mind working

...good thing i got something to look forward later...i'm finally going to see Edward hehehe....i got tickets reserved for the last full show already...i'm excited :)

...and ow, i'll be grabbing one of these babies once Adidas opens later...i fell in love with it at first sight


...this will soon be my 3rd pair of shoes bought over the last 2 weeks...i need to stop and start saving for LV bwehehehe (unless someone kind enough can give it as an early x-mas gift)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

sureseats be my bestfriend

...i just can't wait for the 6th installment of Harry Potter...i'm anticipating for this more than anything else....i'll make sure i'll have sureseats be my bestfriend once this hit the theaters..

...yes, play it know you want to :)

...there :)

almost there

...lots have been blogging about Twilight after they've seen the movie...i need to be more patient till i get to see it myself this Sunday :)

...fuck the reviews...i'm still watching

...Edward and i deserves a date bwehehehe

Sunday, November 23, 2008

wicked and x-mas

...i took quite few days break from blogging after i got back from Manila (having Jude B seated next to me on the flight back to Cebu was super fun)...was tied up with work right after Rihanna/CB's concert that i got late uploading pics and vids for friends until they got tired of bugging me about it...hehheh (sorry bbs')

...was finally able to get some break yesterday which i needed so badly...had dinner with friends (carbo overloading as usual) and grabbed some capucinnos' from Starbs before hitting home and woke up the next day with an aching head...i overslept as usual...


...FullyBooked finally opened last week which made me happier...i grabbed a copy of Gregory Maguire's "Wicked", something i've been wanting to read for the longest time...i'm more than halfway now and i can't wait to start reading the sequel...


...a friend texted me earlier saying it's 31 days to go before better get ready for my gifts...i want a nice messenger bag for xmas (giving me an LV wouldn't hurt hehehe)


Saturday, November 15, 2008

and now we're boarding

...few hours more and i'll get too see Rihanna and Chris Brown live...

...i'm now waiting for my flight while stealing glances at Rico Blanco for some eye-candy...he's one yummy screw...better than what i've expected :)

...stalker moves 101

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

first...and a dead/resurrected iPod iPod Touch gave me a scare earlier when it went dead and i don't even have a clue or can't even remember what i did wrong for it to stop working (oh yeah...i dropped it 2 weeks back, ending the screen having hairline cracks :( and i need to have it replaced - though the whole touch screen stuff still works)....good thing few hours after it went back to being normal nothing happened at all...and i'm back to all smiles hehehe a new hair color yesterday...finally...after procrastinating for too long....dyu like it? hehehe coz i do


...and ow, i got my 1st Starbs journal yesterday as well though i'll be giving it as a late bday present for someone...i'll be off to start collecting stickers for the next one and this time it's for myself unless someone asks for it


...i hope no one will till i get to start with the 3rd one...i got 7 planners last year and all 6 became X-mas gifts for super close friends...smarty eh? cost cutting time bebeh!

Friday, November 07, 2008

this made me cum

...these pics just excite me to the highest level (well, only the first 2 by the way)...i'm about to cum bwahahaha gorgoeus boyfriend is just so mouth-watering noh?


...can't wait for November 21

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

long wait is over!

....dark cherry mocha finally arrived at Starbucks,,,i think i was way more excited for this than my own birthday hehehe (kidding)....and to my delight i was not disappointed,,,the first sip was just orgasmic it was almost better than sex hehehe but then again almost....

Photobucket felt like drinking a hot cup of Cherry Coke bwehehe and since i have not been able to find my usual stock of Cherry Coke, havin' this is is more than what i can ask for...

i don't know when did my obsession for cherry started...i just knew that it's one of the best stuff on earth :) ...yeah i'm now exagerrating hehehe...few more shot at Starbs earlier...



...i was even wearing red for the occasion...yay!