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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

489 and counting


...and now i'm officially back to work...time to catch up with lotsa emails...489 that is for my AOL mail alone and i got another one solely for E-tel stuff


...i'm up for adoption this New Year...anyone? hehehe

Sunday, December 28, 2008

going back

...i got my bags packed already and im ready to take the first morning flight back to Cebu by was nice to see old faces, to reminisce about most probably the most enjoyable phase in my life - high school...all the crazy antics, the bloopers, the trip to the principal's office, the petty quarrels, the competition and everything that came in was worth staying until 5am earlier even with my leg hurting like hell :(

...can't wait for the's a bit of a preview :)


...vacay's done..time to get back to reality called work

Friday, December 26, 2008


...i stepped on a weak concrete last night that i slid my foot all the way to the hole it made (now that's my wake up call for gaining much weight ehehehe)....ouch! super...i didn't feel much pain at first because i was too drunk to notice the blood coming from the long scratch in my leg...and then the morning came when everything was just painful that i had a pain reliever pill for breakfast


...nice souvenir to bring back to Cebu...watchuthink? hehehe...yeah, i bruise easily babies

..i have a high school reunion to attend to tonight...i'll be flashing these bandages and hopefully they'll buy the idea that bandages have become the hottest fashion accessory for your legs

...wish me luck bwhahaah

Thursday, December 25, 2008


...i no longer belong here...after spending almost 10 days at home, i think i'm better off living somewhere else...i find it almost a torture to count the hours till the day ends...i've surfed almost any website imaginable because of boredom...but no matter how bored i was , i'm proud to say that i've kept myself from checking work related emails...i'll deal with it once i get back to the office...i know i'll be doing major work catching up...10 days of not being in the office equals to more than 500 emails...goodluck

...the more time i spent here, the more i get to know myself better and what i want for me to have by next year...i now know where i got my temper and being very impatient --- from my mom...although i love her much, there are just some things i see myself in her that i wanted to change right away...'s been a quite good year for me..i've been lucky with my work (i got the promotion i think i rightfully deserved), i was able to buy some material things that i've always wanted (Tonio's on top of the list), i was able to reunite with my old friends through Rihanna and Chris Brown's concert (although spending it in Bangkok was always a better option)...and then some...i think the only sad thing that happened was the end of my lovelife, but it was a choice i made so i have to stand up for it

...i already have a game plan set for the new resolutions or any of that stuff, i only need to make things happen....let's all welcome 2009 with a bang and hopefully you all get to have what you want for next year


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry x-mas! networks are starting to get busy...i'm making most out of Facebook's chat feature to greet everyone online...same as what i'm doing with YM and AIM...

...merry christmas you all

...mwah mwah!!! kisses and hugs darling :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

rest in peace sexy

...i was shocked and until now can't still believe it...a good friend died yesterday...i was chatting with my former housemate through YM when he told me about the news...i browsed her profile in Facebook and confirmed that it was actually true :(

...i chatted with her i guess 3 weeks back and it seemed everything was going fine with her as she always is...she's Ms. Super Sunshine to everyone...super hyper and her energy is overflowing...Heids, i won't forget the way we scream our lungs out as we belt those silly rap songs along the halls of XU's Commerce building...and the way we do late night study , cramming before the exam pretending that we actually really care

...i will miss you badly...too bad i didn't get the chance to see you for one more time...i browsed through my Friendster's profile and saw this comment you made wayyy back when friendster was still hotness :)

"THis guy is always on a roll.. he's in
the mood to party-hardy, walk around,
and do crazy things! he can bust out
any move and won't give a crap what
other people think! (LIVE FREE!)
Ash just isn't a party boy but he has
the ability to balance out his night
life with school so.. FINE, HE AMAZES
ME!!! he's smart! funny! sweet! and
crazy!;p he sings when he feels like
it, dances when he feels like it and is
a friend when you need somebody to talk
to... awww... hehehe... thanks for
being a pal ASH!:))) hehehe.. *mwah!*

...i totally forgot that i was once the "party boy"...i didn't know why that part of me died...i gotta have it back...thanks for reminding me about it lots babe...i will sure miss you sexy :)


Thursday, December 18, 2008

the princess is doing a homecoming

...i'm doing endorsement, endorsement and more endorsement now that i'm leaving work behind for the next 10 days (i promised myself i'm not going to check my work mail for as long as i can hehehe)...i haven't packed things up though and i've already told myself that i'll avoid the last minute prep thingy...oh well, i'm still the biggest procrastinator i know..

...i got 2 hours to spare after work before my flight...i'm just hoping i won't forget anything important before leaving Cebu...i'm soo excited to see my Mom and eat her own version of adobo (carbo overload coming up hehehe) and i still got a long list of homemade dishes i've been missing for more than a year is soo out of my vocabulary right now hehehe

...Mom will get to pamper her impress again :)

....merry christmas everyone...spread the love :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i need my Grace

...i have been cutting off my sleeping hours (i usually get 10-11 hours daily) to watch reruns of Will and Grace on DVD...i have downloaded the first 2 seasons and resorted to getting a disc from my friend for the rest of the 5 seasons...for me, it's one of the funniest sitcom ever made on TV (aside from the fact that i'm queer hehehe)


...Sanchia wants to share an apartment with me (though i'm hoping this is not one of her bi-polar moments where she acts on impulse)...if this will be the case then i think i just found my Grace :)

...goodluck to the both of us

..and ow, i have been watching this over and over...can't wait to see it in the big screen...drool baby :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

sick cough is starting to irritate me and water therapy is not doing any help...i might have to resort to popping pill a bit later if this gets worse

...i'm counting the days for Friday to come...i'm taking a long break from work (10 days to be exact yey!)...i'm gonna be spending christmas with mi familia and i'll make sure to make the most out of it

...i'll start packing things and get the plane ticket printed...i'm trying to avoid the last minute rush this time

Saturday, December 13, 2008

i might regret this

...i've made a decision this week to let go of someone and i don't even know if it's the right thing to do...(i'm so sorry - i know you'll get to read this)...i know that sorry won't be enough, it wouldn't even do anything to make you feel better but i feel like this is something that i have to do...i don't want to be unfair, i don't want to be with you and pretend that everything is pretend that i'm perfectly happy...

...i did try to bring back the way i felt for you but i think i need to try harder or maybe i just don't have to...maybe i'll just have to wait till it gets back...maybe a little more time is what i need

...thank you for making me the happiest person ever at one point in my life...that is something i won't forget and will forever treasure...i don't know what will happen in the next few days, weeks or even months but i hope we can get what we both wanted no matter how irreconcilable they may be...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

binge reading became a habit for me lately to read a book and tend to not finish it and start reading a different one (it's like i'm on a reading binge and the only good thing is i'm not gaining any extra calories)...

...i bought J.K. Rowling's "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" yesterday (it was available wayyy earlier than what i've expected - maybe they're rushing to publish the book to make it a must-have gift for kids this season)...the book is made up of 5 stories which you can finish in less than an hour (unless if you pay much attention to footnotes and commentaries by Dumbledore and try linking it to the Harry Potter series)...

Photobucket short as it may seem, at least my attention was diverted from "Wicked" - i still haven't got much patience following Old English lines....2 more chapters to go and i'm done and i can now start with Atonement by Ian Mcewan (did i mention, i went ahead and read the first 3 chapters already? hehehe)

...more binge reading to come...hehehe

Friday, December 05, 2008

replay plans are screwed and i need a new game plan...i need all the diversion in the world right now to stop over-thinking about schedule is screwed (to the highest level)...oh well, life's a bitch and then you die...

...i gotta get back to my chill place to take some time off...good thing i get to chat with an old friend (i haven't heard from her for 5 years now)...Facebook is just super amazing!

...gotta put my shades back on and get back to chatting...gossip...more gossip hehehe


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

chill...while i still can

...i'm back to my usual private place (good thing it's still not crowded and i hope it will stay this way)...this spot gives me a lot of time to think about things...i need a game plan before the year ends so i can kick the new year off to a good far, i've been blessed and i'm more than thankful for whatever i have right now (it was more than what i asked for - but then again, im human, and i;m starting to crave for something more)...

...i got new challenges work-wise and i think that it is a very very good's something that would take me out of my comfort zone and would push me to the limits...i need to know how fast can i learn new stuff and how to be good at 'em...i need to know what my tolerance is to criticism and bad feedback if i screw things up (i mostly live by praises from other people which gives me the drive to be always better - almost perfect)...if committing mistakes be the fastest way for me to learn then so be it...i'm up for the game...

...but as of now, i'm gonna spend as much time with myself...chill more...and relax for a while because by next week, it's going to be one hell of a ride :)


...lovely art stuff at the back no? hhehehe

Monday, December 01, 2008

bad lip

...i lost my usual sleep pattern (blame it on my erratic schedule that changes almost everyday - i still have to endure it for 2 more weeks and i'll be on a steady case)...woke up earlier with an aching head and a stubborn pimple in my lower lip (now i need to look for my Murad for a fix)

...i finally watched Twilight last Sunday (i've chosen the last full show expecting it wouldn't be too crowded but to my dismay it was full-packed)'s good that i have set a standard for myself in perceiving the movie coz i didn't end up disappointed (which i know others were)...but one thing's for sure, Edward being an eye-candy is enough reason for me to watch the movie all over again...

...i need to start buying stuff for x-mas gifts...i'll be taking a long leave from work (better than what i originally bargained for)...i'm exited to go home

...forget everything about Cebu....even for a while

...oh by the way...happy World Aids Day everyone :)