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Sunday, February 25, 2007

3 for 69!

woke up with the craziest headache and got no meds avail and was too tired to go out and get some...good reason to go to church few hours after lunch...then had some pizza for dinner at Shakey's...went to the department store to buy some stuff and found these...

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...guess i gotta retire spendin' some cash on my Calvin's hehehe

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...peek a boo! hehehe

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...bite me...grrr!

...but then again i think i'm gonna stick to my CK's for this time :)

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...enough reason for me to pop another Advil and doze off :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

i got my head shaved like B :)

well almost...

...i just don't know how to get the razor workin'...oh well, maybe by Monday or perhaps a new color will do :)

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

something "Unexpected" for Ash Wednesday

...spent the whole morning playing Heroes's 16th Episode (Unexpected) for almost 4 times...i soooo love it and I can't wait to have it downloaded once it gets available :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting can take a look at the full episode through here:


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...hope it works for broadband having local access or if not then you just go to have it downloaded...(i have to resort watching it in the office because i just can't wait any longer)...hehehe

anyhoo...i'll have it replayed for one more time :) and oww did i mention Niki's the one doing the voice-over this time?? nice eh?

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Happy Ash Wednesday people...go diet!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

best vodka cream pasta ever, chinese new year, and Britney's coolness do

...took some few days off from work after my assessment but haven't got much choice but to sneak back in the office to take care of some super important paperwork (prior to it, I watched Pans Labyrinth for the 2nd time and find it very much worth it than the first time i watched it almost half-asleep)...2 days being gone from the office and 1st thing that greeted me is my inbox with 147 emails in it...kill me now pleaseeee!!!!!!

...that wasn't much of a feat to take care of specially that i got a fabuloush dinner invitation to look forward to from Marj (i call her Claudine, she calls me Greta hehehe)...and just what i've anticipated, the dinner was superb...Marj gave Rachael Ray a big run for her money...the dinner's super Yum-O! and i bet Marj won't be single for long...

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***Marj and Rachael Ray faceoff

...she cooked vodka cream pasta (Rachael Ray's infamous dish feautured in Oprah) and it was super delish (best pasta i've had in years!!!)...the al dente' penne, the smooth taste of vodka perfectly blended in the pasta, crushed tomatoes heavenly mixed with the cream, the fresh taste of basil leaves for a twist, it's super delish...perfect..just perfect...

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***you all gotta try this :) way superb!

...went to some bar after for some punch of raw lokal music and best acoustic covers from Alanis, Macy, Billie Myers (feels like im in high school all over again)....stayed for more than 2 hours then finish the night off having mojitos at Cafe Havana...we've got to leave early since Jude still has a live taping for his show the morning after...

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***this is what happens when someone's getting drunk at the backseat :)

...woke up with a bad headache...went to Starbucks for some relief...then went hibernate mode after...

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***badly need my blower...

...went to church by 6PM without having any comprehension what the priest's mass is all about because of too much slur in his speech or he was speaking chinese at some parts of it...or maybe because i haven't been to church for the longest time..

...went to Yellow Cab after for some pizza and hot wings...followed it with a warm brownie cup with a scoop of cookies and cream on top at La Marea...then finish the night off having coffee at Starbucks newest branch somewhere near Convergys...

***camwhorin' while waiting for the pizza

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***a shot at the new fab Starbucks :)

should have been sleeping but i've got some major cleaning to do...hope this one gets finish before 5AM...wish me luck :)

and ow...shocking photos of Britney going i wish i can do what she just's super coolness though i still like her having her hair on :)

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***wish i can do this soon :)

Friday, February 16, 2007

i got a promo instead of a date last V-day :)

OK fine! so i didn't get any date at all for V-day (another worthless year hehehe) and i was a minute late for work (thanks to Lea Salonga - i was dead stucked in traffic)...felt like i was making my way to the office from Edsa to Makati all over again...but to have that compensated i got my assessment on V-day :)

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***lil' shot to ease the tension hehehe

...was too comfortable before the start of the assessment because i was thinking it would be just few ops managers who will be part of the panel but hell no! , few minutes before it started i was informed that one of the global heads for development will be part of it...i was starting to act nervous like crazy that i wanted to throw up and wished that it would be re-scheduled so i can have more time to prepare..

...assessment lasted for more than an hour...luckily i was able to compose myself and got my act together...few ms. universe questions from time to time and few deliberations were made...and finally moment of truth came...i got the promotion ( a much- deserved one as they say)

...i was feeling the love all over again...hahaha

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...few hours after i was in Cafe Havana having mojitos with some guys from work talkin about random stuff...i was offered by someone to transfer to another program giving me a guarantee for another promotion in the next 3 months...i didn't want to leave my program just yet...don't wanna leave my team and some other people hangin...then he asked me what's more important...friends/people you care about in the program or my personal advancement?

...oh well i don't wanna bother much time pondering on that...let me just enjoy the moment (you probably might be reading this so go figure the answer) :)

...spent home-cooked dinner after with my ops manager (the best menudo ever!!!) and few shots of vodka after...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine's day is fuckin' overrated or am I just bitter?

...what the hell??? just what i've expected...Nathan Petrelli is Claire's dad ( sorry..spoiler to those who haven't watched it yet hehehe)

...Sylar finally escaped from confinement, Claire's mom showed her fiery power to her, Peter was able to use self-healing after he's been thrown out from a building and lots more...can't wait to see the next episode (Run!)...goodluck to my HD...haven't bought blank CDs yet :)

...plan was to go to Shangri-la for a date but gotta move it on the 15th since got some friends and few familiar faces there for a photo shoot somethin (right Mikee?) and I don't want 'em to see me there with mah date...('m too shy yah know hehehe) and I got a leadership conference i need to attend and a dinner with some close friends after...

...tomorrow's V-day...fuck it! been single for the longest time (and Mikee wasn't able to find me one for a date)...gotta have some post V-day shag maybe on the 15th...camwhorin's full time...Shangri-la's biggest camwhore is back hehehe


Saturday, February 10, 2007

no.1 again...yeah whatever! a Need for Speed thingy at the office that was started 3 months ago...

...and once team's no.1 yey!

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...this is getting boring...i need somethin' more interesting :(

Sunday, February 04, 2007

'm so fucking distracted!

...few hours from now....HEROES's 14th episode (Distractions)  will be aired...i'm super excited...

...i just can't wait!!!