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Monday, September 28, 2009


...i've been getting my alcohol fix for 3 weekends in a row and i'm getting proud for my alcohol tolerance these days that i can even brag about it ha! but i know this ain't a good thing and it needs to stop...i won't be going back to my happy place anytime soon...chill mode maybe a month or two before dosing my system with alcohol again

...and with the current situation Manila is in i think it is very inappropriate to talk about alcohol when others are losing almost everything...the situation was just really depressing that i can't even do a daily dose of time, everyone will be going back to normal but it's going to be one that takes a lot of effort and a dose of help will go a long way...thankfully all my friends in Manila are safe :)

...the next few days will be brighter :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


....took few days leave from work because i was already too exhausted and i thought that if i have to go to work for one more day i'll collapse...i was already dead tired this morning so when shift ended all i can think of was my bed...but after 3 hours of sleep (that's more than enough for a power nap) i just couldn't get back to my dreamland :('s a Friday night and i'm suppose to make the most out of the time i'm away from work but i realized i got no one to go out with...pathetic! all of my closest friends are in CDO with few some geographically located halfway around the world...and i don't want to go out with some random acquaintances just for the sake of being able to go out...or go on a mercy date, that is just desperate

...that's the perk of being in a always have a fallback whenever needed...a fallback for almost everything - a coffee break partner, a weekender buddy , the titles are endless...and yes that didn't sink in until now...but for what it's worth i'm still better off being single than be in a shiteous relationship...but then again, i might just be bitter :P


Monday, September 21, 2009

a bit imperfect

...i downloaded Mariah Carey's latest album after it leaked few minutes earlier and i find there's something a bit off with her voice in this latest effort though i just can't point my finger on what it is...probably i'll figure it out after the 4th replay...maybe this album will grow on me much like Obsessed did for me

...anyway, i spent my weekend in Clark to attend Santino's first to see some old friends and was the perfect time to get really wasted...this video doesn't even explain how wasted we were that night


Friday, September 11, 2009


...finally! 09/09/09 was the date i was waiting for...was super excited after seeing the premier few months back and i got the show's lead single on heavy rotation in my iPod

...i'm officially obsessed with Glee...i'm on their Fan Page in Facebook, i'm following them on Twitter and i got all the mp3s from the 2nd episode


...Wednesday is the best day of the week starting today...and that's Thursday for piratebay babies :) can't wait to see the cast's version of Somebody To Love...Mercedes killed it!

Monday, September 07, 2009

feel the rain on your skin

...been enjoying the weather's the perfect excuse to go on a full time hibernate mode but little bit earlier the rain was pouring like crazy that i gave in to the temptation

...went outside and felt the rain on my skin...felt like i went back in time when i was a lil' kid enjoying every last drop of was superduper good


...moroccan mint tea after the rain was just the perfect fix i needed...the next thing i know i woke up 3am starving yet super relaxed :)