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Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 random things

tagged by Maui :)
so here it goes...

1. I have an obsession for anything that is orange - Tonio (my Macbook) is the perfect example.

2. I have a 3-year old blog, it's my little narcissistic shrine...and i read older posts to reminisce from time to time.

3. I don't eat anything with curry or coco cream in it.

4. My dream job is to become a barista for Starbucks. I'm planning to do a part-time later this year.

5. I can't use a single straw. It has to be two and yeah, the same rule applies for coffee jellies bwehehe

6. My dream place is Japan. That's the first place i'm going if i already saved enough money.

7. I always wanted to become a doctor. It's one profession i always write when signing slumbooks and autographs hehe

8. I know 6 people who shares the same birthday with me. All are my friends excepts Ate V. bweheheh

9. I'm a big fan of Mariah Carey, as if that's a surprise.

10. I used to collect Marvel cards when i was a kid and trade them for marbles.

11. I hunt/collect bees and place them in matchboxes like other boys do with spiders when i was still in gradeschool.

12. I have a mySpace account and i no longer remember the password for it.

13. I hate the fact that I am getting older! And not younger… 25?! oh em gee!

14. I like to collect caps yet i don't wear them much

15. I don't smoke, never wanted to.

16. I already lost 4 iPods since 2004, that's almost 1 iPod per year.

17. I used to change hair color every 2 months - from blonde, to silver, to ash...but i always wanted to try pink.

18. I'm attracted to bald guys...they always deserve a second "intentional" look.

19. I blame weight gain for daily coffee dose, lechon and my love-hate relationship with rice.

20. I can cook chicken adobo and paksiw na bangus really well or at least i think so - ask Sheila C.

21. I get 10-11 hours of sleep everyday...non-negotiable

22. I'm fatally allergic to Penicillin.

23. I can no longer wear my Armani muscle shirts - all of 'em...i hate my hour glass figure (the bottom part of the hour glass by the way).

24. I love La Greta

25. I miss my old friends...Goldine in NY, Arlyn in SF, Krishan in Canada and my girls in Cee-Dee-Oh - I hope to see them all again soon :)

...and yeah, i'm off to Sumilon in a few hours...yey!

Friday, January 30, 2009

i had a little bit too much

...had an early lunch earlier at Cyma with guys from work and i think i had a bit too much of this was sooo good that i finished all of it and had a flaming mango for dessert after


...and now i'm having an upset stomach :( i already took an antacid pill earlier and skipped the coffee...i hope i'll feel better later in the morning

...i need to pack my stuff for tomorrow's trip to Sumilon...even if i'm sick, i'm still going...can't wait...yay!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

soak up the sun

...this might be a very busy week at work (yeah, the princess is in the building till Saturday - my super sosyal boss) but i'm looking forward to reward myself with something fab by the weekend...i'll be spending an overnight stay at Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort (hehehe complete title thank you)...

Photobucket's going to be my first time in the island..i'm not quite the beach type but it's been a long time since i last soak in the sun so i kinda need it...

...booked 2 rooms earlier...five of us are room for the girls and i'll share the other room with our one and only boy companion bweheheh


...i can't galore coming up in the next post


...i hope you all get to enjoy your weekend as well :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


...stop calling me or sending me text messages, i guess it will be more easy that way...i thought we can be friends and act like everything went ok but i guess i was wrong...i never thought you'd see me that way - someone putting you through much shame...cold, heartless and yeah evil...

Photobucket did apologize for the things you said but you already said it, i never left you for no reason...i had lots of them and i told you those...i wouldn't fall out of love just because someone didn't try giving me a call on my birthday - yeah petty stupid birthday (cue in Aly and AJ's "Potential Break-up Song")

...spare me about pre-conceived rules of break-up...i'm never the type who follow such stuff and you know that...maybe i owe you some courtesy but not to the extent you'll end up saying hurtful things about me...but then again you probably think those won't bother me, after all..i'm heartless


Saturday, January 24, 2009

super vintage

...Saturday shift for me is always a killer...not because of too much work but because of lack of it...most of the time, i get to take care of all important work stuff from Tuesday to Friday that i usually have nothing left to do come Saturday (yeah, too much of a slack time actually)

...i still have 3 hours to go before my shift ends and boredom is killing me softly...i ended uploading super vintage pictures in Facebook earlier (some were even from 5 years ago hehehe)

...this pic was taken during my first week in Manila (i was just starting to have my training then at that time - and yeah, i still don;t have any hair color at all)


...this one's taken 3 years ago, random Sunday picture while having dinner with a friend


...and i'm planning to post more probably later if i still don't have something to last resort is to take escalated calls from my shift and give their team leads extra breaks hehehe

...almost everyone's moving to Facebook these days...Friendster is sooo last last year bwheehhe

...i just had a new hair color and a cut, i'll take pictures later after dinner...i'm feeling quite lethargic

Friday, January 23, 2009

chicken adobo and burning cal

...if you're Pinoy then it's in your blood to know how to cook adobo and that's what i did on a Friday night instead of going out drinking or something somethin' hehehe momma would be so proud if she was here to see me cooked chicken adobo for the first time and in fairness it's not bad - well, her's will always be the best version i get to taste in this lifetime but i think this is decent enough that i think i can cook it for my friends...i'm getting more and more in the list is sinigang hehehe...goodluck with that :)


...woke up a bit early around 4AM and since i was bored i decided to do jogging felt weird coz this is sooo not me..i'm not the fitness freak type but anyway it was fun...i enjoyed jogging for more than an hour...with this awesome playlist blazin' from my ipod, it felt like not tiring at's the list :)

1. Boombox (LA Riot Mix) - Kylie Minogue
2. Poker Face- Lady Gaga
3. Lose Yourself - Eminem
4. Single Ladies Remix - Beyonce
5. Don't Cha - Pussycat Dolls
5. Wake Up Call Remix - Maroon 5 Feat. David Banner
6. Cupid Chokehold - Gym Class Heroes
7. Firestarter - Prodigy
8. Disturbia (Jody Den Broer Remix) - Rihanna
9. Feedback (Moto Blanco Mix) - Janet Jackson
10. Straight Up - Chante Moore

,,,and then some random shuffled tracks...welcome to my new playground...i'm planning to do it more often :)


...took a shower and enjoyed a warm grande cup of Hot Cappucino after


..i have a feeling this is going to be a nice day :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

laundry self-service turned out i'm free this Friday night and what way best to spend it than doing my laundry (again) has been a routine now for the last 3 days since i changed schedule that i must do laundry before going to's the best alternative to my ever dependable anti-histamines the fact that the weather's back to normal, i don't need any spin dryer...right after waking up, the first thing on the list is to get them off from the clothesline and fold 'em up...this is such a stress-free thing and it made me feel more domesticated hehehe (yeah, like the desperate housewife material)

...i wish i can be as gorgeous as Shakira when doing my laundry noh?


...who knows, i can make this a fallback career bwheehe

...and ow by the way, i didn't mean to hurt you, and you're over-reacting...and i'm tired of being sorry (as if it will do any good)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

tired, late and a music video premiere

...spent one crazy weekend (well, tiring would be the perfect word for it)...spent Sinulog weekend with my bestfriend though most of the time we were locked up inside the hotel because Fuente was insanely crowded (we were booked in Rajah Park Hotel which was right in the middle of Fuente)


...this is what it looked like below...crowded is an understatement


...only managed to get 3 hours of sleep coz i had a stratplan scheduled (yeah, nasty work stuff - total spoiler)...did a powerpoint presentation with an aching head and took a dip in the pool right after dinner time


...finally got my package from the mail but it's a bit too late...the weather's back to it's usual way...and it's not that cold anymore...i'll be keeping these babies until i can get the perfect time to use them again

Photobucket least this one is something you can pull off on a normal Friday night (dressdown time bb)


...and lemme end this post with a random pic hehehe (taken over the Sinulog weekend)


..CHISMIS!!! bweheheh

...and ow, one last thing, if you got Facebook, check out my first ever music had it's World Premiere 2 hours click bwehehe

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sinulog time bb!

...everyone's enjoying Sinulog...and so am i get to spend it with my bestfriend :)


...enjoy everyone :)


...i hate the fact that some of my friends can't come over because of cancelled flights (my bestfriend's last resort was to travel 6 hours to Davao just to get to Cebu)damn! A+ for effort my friends!

...spent a nice big family dinner earlier (well, not really my biological family heheh but my bestfriend's)'s always nice to spend dinner with spoiled kids around in full nosebleed mode - they're just soo cute


...Cyma's Baklava was quite disappointing though or maybe i just don't like the fact that they had cinnamon powder spread all over it...Tinderbox's version was way better...oh well, at least the Souvlaki's perfect as always :)


Thursday, January 15, 2009

deja vu

...i'd be taking an off from work tomorrow for no apparent reason (oh, actually there is but i'm too embarrassed to say it bwehehe)

...the weather still didn't change (not that i'm complaining)..i actually like it - it gives me the perfect excuse to go on hibernate mode without having to turn the AC on supa-cool mode...and it gives me the chance to wear my fave jackets (and i'm waiting for 2 new ones in the mail which should be here today or tomorrow the latest - just your basic hoodies from Gap)...i just hope they fit coz i've chosen XL sizes for kids bwehehehe :)

...i'm bored lately and i got nothing much to talk about...i'll just go back to wactching re-runs of AI premiere (gosh, can't believe it has already been a year ago)...time to pick a favorite :)

...memories...felt like they all happened all over again

Sunday, January 11, 2009

please don't worry 'bout me i'm fine

...i went paranoid couple of days ago having thought that i'm getting symptoms of dengue...i had an on-off fever (though i didn't bother to take my exact temp), i got a sore throat for no reason (i don't remember doing deep throat lately bwahaha or any of that blow related stuff) and i'm feeling dizzy most of the time (worst is during halfway my shift - it happened even when i'm sitting down)

...searched google for some info about what i'm going through and the most common hit was dengue...i took a day off from work and got a CBC test and an x-ray at Chong Hua and waited for a couple of hours for the result and it turned out that i'm perfectly fine...i just needed some rest which i did...went home and slept early

...i just remembered i'm too fly to be depressed hehehe...and yeah, paranoid

Thursday, January 08, 2009

i'm so sad i should buy myself a happy meal

...and supersize it...

...i've been sick for the last 2 days and i'm going to use it as a perfect excuse to be absent either by Friday or Saturday (hey, you gotta have your weapon ready just in case you'll be questioned hehehe)...but then again, i don't have plans set for Saturday so might as well get to work or do a full hibernate mode (at least i got options)

...someone suggested that i should get myself some chicken soup to which i retorted and told him that i'll opt for the ever dependable Lucky Me instant noodles (at least, it's less pretentious that way hehehe)

...i need a hug...i know i need to put some sunshine back in my posts but maybe it's not yet about time...i got two other options for later...either i'll hang myself with my H&M scarf or jackoff to Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes album - this is soo Katy Perry inspired


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

spoiled plans

...i got it all planned out - a nice weekend getaway with my closest friends from cee-dee-oh in Bohol, to get away from the Sinulog rush, to enjoy the beach while catching up with local gossip and things missed over the past few months while everyone else is busy partying in Cebu but then NO!!! - something came up with work that i can't afford to miss :(

...i just wish re-scheduling is an option but it's not...and now i got a con call to attend to...

...sad, just sad

Sunday, January 04, 2009

that was boring

...since my company was not able to host an annual x-mas party, they decided to have a new year kick-off party instead - Mardi Gras style...but much to my dismay (and i'm sure there are others out there) it turned out to be one big was one of the lamest party i've been in years...the food was stale (i'd be happier if they served some cheeseburgers) , the host was plain boring and was trying too hard to be funny...they had a Beyonce impersonator whose performance was desperate, it was laughable (lesson learned , never do a solo act of "Single Ladies" in public)

...if there's any consolation, at least the after party was way better...spent it with some of my fab fag friends (they made me look underdressed hehehe)

...had few bottles of beer which was beyond my normal alcohol tolerance..and when i started feeling tipsy i decided to call it a night and went home

...whoever organized that party should make amends...tsk tsk

Saturday, January 03, 2009


"and your thoughtless words are breaking my heart" - it's been quite a long time since i heard this song's just perfect for this weather - cold and a bit gloomy (i'm talking about Jewel's "Foolish Games" by the way)...i'm outside Figaro enjoying my hot latte before heading to work

...anyway, had great time yesterday spending time with Tetet (who is now 5 months preggers...can't wait for the baby to pop hehe)...were supposed to have dinner at Cyma but we're no.7 on the waiting list so we decided to have dinner at Siam which is one cartwheel away from Cyma and decided to come back later for some Baklava i'm suddenly craving for some Souvalaki


...yummy noh?