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Saturday, October 27, 2007

missing you badly...irrationaly

To Keith:

i may seem to be the biggest attention whore ever but when it comes to my lovelife, i would want to keep it as private as i possibly can...

but i just can't help it

...i'm missing you so badly...irrationaly...2 weeks seem like almost may sound cheesy but it's true (i'm overplaying Kyla's cover of TLC's "Miss you so much" while doing this post - on a rainy Saturday night)...that's how depressing it is...

come home Chubaboink and make me smile!

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...i'd been killing time downloading cover art for my ipod touch coz i'll be needing it so badly coz it turned out my flight for Hong Kong's an hour ahead from that of my least i can blast up some tunes in the airport while waiting for 'em...

...i need to start packing, my sched's gonna be crazy next week aside from the fact that i'm working 7 days straight...kill me now!!! but i gonna know it's gonna be so worth it after - delaying gratification at its finest :)

***at least i found something that made me smile :)

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

i guess i'm all set then :)

...2 more weeks to go and i'm gonna be a year older and i can't wait to have it spent with the best people in the world (tetet, ian, claudia and iris) in Hong Kong and a bit of a pit stop in's gonna be a long vacation that it will cost me few extra straight days of work - and when i say extra, that's equal to 7 straight days of work...but it's going to be sooo worth it - all i need is a caffeine overdose and i'm good :)

...c'mon sing me a birthday song

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***i always get amused using this pic for my bday for the last 3 years now...taken during the time i'm still battling with anorexia hahaha

...almost done with my to-do list from getting a new hair color for the trip, digicam and an ipod touch for life support while traveling, mobile roaming which is a must-have, reserved tickets for a night show, pre-exchanged cash and of course the passport (with an open squint and pout look) **wink**

...would be so much better if Keith's with me for some L.O.V.E. and everything will be soo perfect and happy and pink!

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...i just can't wait :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"Lizards" on HEROES and a RED gatecrash

...back to blogging again...i got this site neglected for quite a few weeks now...i remember doing this stuff almost everyday...guess there's just not much happening with my life or maybe i'm too busy to go write about it...

...watched the 2nd episode for HEROES titled "Lizard" - all about Claire this time, cutting her toe and having them grow back...amazing...and Peter Petrelli's new look is super hotness...

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...u can download the whole 2nd episode here: - 350MB

or here: - 350MB

...and some late post over the weekend...crashed a friend's RED event :) got a shot of vodka, danced a little, did some photo op and then home

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