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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Here we go with the resolutions...i think i'd like to copy paste some items from last year because i never get to do them :) hopefully this time, my will's stronger than my body and mind hehehe

1. Less coffee. I will only have coffee on weekends unless someone's paying for me during workdays :) That's instant Php 1,100 savings right there per week!

2. Need to zero out credit card dues and have the other one canceled.

3. Go less on the carbs and this time be serious about it and not go on one-time yoyo diets. The goal is to fit back into those Tylers'.

4. Less indulgence (and i'm not talking about the material things hehehe).

5. Will try to enroll in a gym. TRY is the operative no pressure at all.

6. Be more in touch with old friends. Go on a vacation to visit them once in every 3 months. You'll see me more often in CDO and Manila this time and who knows NYC!!! right Danne?

7. Plan to go to Bangkok middle of the year - yes, the gay sabbatical either alone or with someone (that is if i'm still attached hehehe).

8. Start investing. Enough said.

9. Learn to drive this year. This is really is it!.

10. Be happier this 2010.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

crazy ex

...i got a text message late in the afternoon yesterday from a friend telling me about how my ex (the 2nd one) is going ballistic on him...i called up my friend and asked for the details - the dirty details (X was calling him names - the really nasty ones)

...i just find it absurd that up until this time he thinks that he still got a hold of me and i don't even know how he found out about me being friends with someone he happened to know...all of my exes (which is not much of a number by the way -2) deleted me from their FB account so you can call it stalking at its finest if they get to find details about whatever is happening with my life...

...anyway, i just hope that he gets to finally move on (i thought he already did)...and i wish that he gets to grow up and be mature about the thing that happened between was short and sweet and ending the relationship was the right thing to do before anything worse happens

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

little black book Starbucks journal is my new blog/black's actually the first time i tried using one coz usually i used to give them as gifts to friends for x-mas...and since i like the material this year, i decided to keep one for myself...and i can't stop writing random rants and raves in it and i was flipping pages like crazy posting doodles and stuff :)

...few day more and '09 is over...i'll skip the resolutions this time...i never get to do any one of them anyway specially the overused "diet" who am i kidding? heheheh


..before the year ends i want one of these babies so badly :)


Friday, December 25, 2009

relationship status

...something unexpected happened the short time i was here in the "bukid" for x-mas :)


...oh well, talkin' about some weekend love affair and could be a bad romance in the making....let's see how this one goes :)

Monday, December 21, 2009


...had the worst hangover earlier this morning and i got an early flight to catch at that...good thing i was throwing up like crazy that by the time it was over i felt like i did instant detox...word for the wise - never drown yourself with 7 bottles of GPS, i tell you, you will hate yourself for doing it

...i'm now in the "bukid" for christmas with my family :) and just few minutes ago, i heard crickets...i haven't heard that sound for a really long time it was refreshing hehehe

...chill mode to the highest level starts now...enjoy your x-mas bbs! :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

i'll be home for christmas a span of less than an hour (52 minutes to be exact), i kiss 40k+ goodbye...these are the times that as much as you want to love x-mas, the thought of overspending is not something to be loved at all...and mind you, i haven't started buying gifts yet coz what i was doing was paying multiple bills - credit card, phone bill and the whole nine yards

...2 days more and i'm going home to spend time with my family for 8 days - perfect fix for some time off from work which i badly needed...and i'm excited this time coz some of my childhood friends that i haven't seen for a very long time will also be home..yey!

...hopefully this x-mas will turn out just fine :)


Saturday, December 12, 2009


...did some charity work earlier this morning at a home for sick and malnourished kids somewhere in Cebu...getting there was almost a horror ride - it's like the slumps of India magnified ten folds and i don't want to start talking about the details of the's just bad, no, horrible is the correct word

...i'm sure anyone who can see those kids will have their heart broken...they all looked so fragile and all you want to do is to take care of them and take them out of the place they're in...but that's not always the case...i can't imagine how these parents go on having unprotected sex and not thinking about the consequences


...oh well, enough of my rants...i'm just thankful that i'm blessed...sure, i have enough set of my own problems but that's not even half of what those kids have now and will have in the future...i'm just hoping that something bright will be ahead of them :)


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

the best 5 days..probably

...was in CDO the last weekend (well 5 days actually)...the initial plan was to attend a concert and a wedding after that plus a road trip come Sunday for some ancestral home visit and some pizza...all were done except for the road trip (i hate it when people bail out at the last minute - such spoilers)

...but anyway, this vacation was just what i needed, i had a hell of a work week before that (thanks for having 2 of your big boss around)...i'll let the pictures do the talking :)






...i don't know how many cups of coffee i've drowned myself with the last 5 days...and i don't want to start talking about the multiple dinners i had with friends...the pile of calories is just in time for the holidays (hey, at least i got an excuse)

...and ow, one last thing, i finally finished the fifth and final Percy Jackson installment...i super love it!!! i can't still move mind's still filled with too much love for Greek mythology


Saturday, November 28, 2009

on house arrest

...i'll be spending the whole Sunday on house arrest probably until midnight (if i can endure it) all because of a nasty prediction a fortune teller told me more than a month ago...she said that i'll be in a car crash involving a female driver and if there's any consolation to it, she said it will only be a minor injury (i wanted to ask her badly to define what minor is)

...better be safe than sorry you know even if i'm not the type who believe in those kind of stuff...good thing i still got a lot of books to read...i'm now on the 4th installment of the Percy Jackson series - The Battle of the Labyrinth (i'm super excited for the movie coming this February)


...i probably be cooking dinner for tonight (some friends might be coming over) i got few hours still before the day ends to prove the prediction wrong...the only bad thing is i forgot to ask her if its Manila time or EST hehehe

...and OMG!!! this will give me multiple wet dreams...i super can't wait!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

shift Rogue and Thanksgiving

...after postponing my shift's GA for countless times, i finally got the chance to take the kids out last night...thanks for Thanksgiving Day, everyone got a chance to take some time off from work...they wanted paella for dinner so i took them to Cebu's best place for anything Spanish...had paella valenciana, chicken ala horno and some pork ribs at Hola Espana...enjoyed the whole dinner and was able to catch up on some office gossip...i swear i'm the most dense person in that floor, ignoring almost everything that didn't matter to me much hehehe


* @Hola Espana with my team leads :)

...had coffee at Starbucks after (i was already complete with the 2nd planner - i already gave the first one to my pseudo-girlfriend in NYC) was the dessert that night...we were too full that a bite of some blueberry cheesecake would be too much


...and the best part of the night was when we headed to a gaybar (they all wanted to, they haven't been to one and yeah, it's going to be my 3rd in this lifetime)...had some karaoke in a VIP room while having a view of men dancing in a stage showing how they can bend their bodies like pretzels without an effort...spent almost 2 hours doing karaoke and called it a night


..i'm definitely looking forward for the next's going to be a bigger crowd :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

another happy weekend Manila weekend vacation was just something i to spend time with friends (those that i haven't seen in almost 4 years) and of course i get to spend time with my bestfriend...multiple coffee breaks, fancy lunch and of course the much needed retail therapy (i guess i went overboard with what i was suppose to spend)

...Sunday was super special coz i get to spend time with Simone (my bestfriend's baby) for the first time...we had lunch at Chelsea and head to Sonja for some dessert

*@ Chelsea for lunch, we we're trying hard to make her smile for the pic she ended up crying hehehe

*@Sonja having cupcakes for dessert

*on to more retail therapy :)

...back in Cebu, and a signal no.1 welcomes me back to work, guess this is the perfect sign that vacation mode is over...good thing i bought the Percy Jackson series and something from Melissa dela Cruz (it's like Vampire Diaries meets Gossip Girl)...indulgent reading at it's finest

*these babies will keep me on house arrest this weekend :)

...the only thing i don't like about the weather is i can't get to wear this perfect pair of sneakers i bought last week from Zara...oh well , bad timing i guess


...and ow, did i tell you i haven't see New Moon yet? i need a date! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


...i'm spending the weekend in manila and it felt so good to see old friends again...catch up over coffee ( i couldn't count how many cups i've finished in the last 2 days)...this trip was supposed to be a reunion with girls but turned out few things happened last week that it ended with only me and my bestfriend :) good thing i already got my bags packed, i got no reason to cancel the trip :)

Photobucket social calendar is fully booked even after the time i get to see cebu, imma get myself a good massage and hibernate for a whole day

...but as of now, i'll enjoy more time with my friends...less photo op this time though...i'm getting lethargic when it comes to taking photos (which is soo not me by the way)


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


...i've been overplaying this song a month back and now the video is out...and it's absolutely perfect!!!!

Sunday, November 08, 2009


...i cooked sweet and sour fish around 5am earlier...not your typical breakfast eh? but i was craving for it the moment i woke up and yes, i am proud to say that it did taste super yum (in my own standards anyway) hehehe...

...last night the 2 fab fags came over my apartment to have dinner...i cooked chicken adobo and have them eat some leftover milkfish from lunch and they both liked it...i'm now starting to be good at this all i need is a boyfriend to be the perfect guinea pig for my cooking - he's going to be one lucky guy (or at least i think)...

...i'm off to Bohol this weekend with my British boss and some guys from work...i'll probably skip the tour and head straight to the beach...pure shores mode one more time baby...time to get my tan on before x-mas :)


Saturday, November 07, 2009

not laidback at all's a rainy Sunday morning, perfect to cook up something hot - i've been enjoying the liberty of having to cook for my own food from time to time , soon i'll be really good at it that i can start inviting friends for dinner - but i know that thought has got to wait :)

...lots are in store for today..a badly needed haircut and a new hair color plus i got to shave ASAP!...i also have to get some shirts altered (i bought something from Heather Miss Grey and it turned out to be a size bigger)...i also need to get a patchwork for my denim duffle bag and probably last in the list would be to finish Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides...i have been trying to finish it while i was in Shangri-la the last weekend but to no avail...the water was just too tempting


...whoever said about a laidback Sunday?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

the annual x-mas list

...this is going to be my final splurge list for the year then i can start saving for something more valuable, as old people call it -investment...i felt that i need to reward myself with little treats simply because i've worked hard for the last couple of months and rewarding myself is just what i here's what i'll be getting myself for the next 3 months unless someone can give me any of these in an instant

1. Technomarine Cruise series - it's good to have a very casual watch that i can easily switch with my Philip Stein when i feel like it...and i soo love the color


2. Apple In-Ear Headhphones w/ Remote and Mic - music is my life support and i can't imagine living a day without my iPod...most probably this baby will be the first one to be taken out from the list


3. LV Damier Canvas Messenger Bag - this i think i something that i really need to think hundred times before getting it...this will make me broke for a month hahaha...goodluck...January maybe


...of course there are a lot of other stuff i wanted but i think these three are really worth mentioning...hopefully before December ends i'll get these babies in the bag :)

...what's in your list?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

26 and 2 days

...i'm now officially a year older and got nothing else to do but to embrace the inevitable fact - that i am getting older and for every single year that's been added up i'm getting closer to my greatest fear - becoming some random old gay guy, single and probably lonely - such not a good idea to entertain early this morning...of course i'm sure i'll do my best to stay away from that route and i'm very sure i can :)

...i got the busiest Facebook wall yesterday that i can no longer count how many thank yous' i've said to really is heartwarming to know you got a lot of friends who really care but the best are those who i get to talk to few minutes over the phone catching up and wishing you all the best in the world :)


...i'm 26, here's to 26 years more :)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

fortune telling

...went to see a fortune teller that was recommended by a friend last Saturday...we endured the horrible traffic to get to Plantation Bay where she has a small booth for fortune telling...i know two people who can read palms but it was actually my first time to get a card reading so i was excited :)

*inside Madamme Luz's booth :)

...went well, if all of it would be true then i'll probably be very rich in the next 10 years coz all i heard was career, career and more career...oh well, i don't want to start talking about the lovelife part because it's disappointing...let's just say i'm not cut out for lovemush stuff

*Madamme in action :)

...spent the whole day at Shangri-la earlier with friends...i brought the camera but too bad i left the memory card stuck in the reader...just one of those days where i'm having my occasional memory lapses hehehe's going to be my birthday tomorrow...i haven't planned anything yet but hopefully everything wil turn out fine..i still got an executive meeting to worry about...wish me luck!


Monday, October 26, 2009

blue monday and HMG

...i went on a retail therapy this weekend coz i needed something to wear for a friend's black and white NY theme birthday party and i'm soo glad that along the way looking for it i learned that Heather Miss Grey line was already available in Cebu (i was actually 2 weeks late of the news of its arrival)...i was looking forward to get my hands on some of the pieces featured in

...i ended buying two...too bad the one that i really like didn't come in the right size but i'm gonna be sure waiting for it :) they are the perfect outfit for a laid back Sunday :)


...i love the back details of this one :)


...earlier, i watched a movie that will be probably the worst that i will ever get to see in this still puzzles me that they created a sequel out of this total mess...finishing Rob Zombie's Halloween II was like a 2-hour painful torture..if not for my friends watching it, i could have stormed away out of the was horrible beyond description


...and ow, i also did a book retail therapy at Fullybooked earlier...i'm going to start reading on the Percy Jackson series before it starts showing early next year...i'd probably be done with it by tomorrow now that i'm on house to Chapter 4 shall we? :)


Saturday, October 24, 2009

plotted and planned

...i've finalized my work schedule for the rest of the year and boy i'm glad i'll be working for only 4 days a week with a couple of 2 weeklong vacations for both November and December...a much deserved lighter schedule i should say :) i got all my flights for a post b-day celeb in Manila this 20th of November and the homecoming flight come December for Christmas

...had to celebrate last night for Sheila's promotion (this is the 2nd round by the way, the first time was in some fancy Mexican tequila bar)...started with some modern Aussie cuisine at Canvas - the food was really almost A+, if not for me being in a diet i could have eaten much beyond what i had ordered hehehe


*Canvas's pork medallions and grilled prawns with cream spinach pasta on the side...yum eh?'s going to be a very busy night later..i got 3 parties to attend to - 2 birthdays and a housewarming...hopefully my alcohol tolerance can keep up...i better prepare some honey for a hangover fix

...but first i badly need a haircut, a shave and some body scrub...pamper me time :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Best Actor

...something in my Macbook's video while i do it with Brent Corrigan hahaha

...naughty naughty :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

less than 10 minutes

...turned out i was way too prepared for my assessment for promotion that the whole thing was finished in less than 10 minutes...i was expecting to be given a hard time but i guess by the time he (Site Director) saw what i was able to accomplish for the last 3 quarters he was impressed

...thanks to my mentor of course for giving me the boost of confidence :) now i'm just waiting for the memo to come out and for the adjustment in my paycheck (oh, yes were talking about doubling what i'm currently earning baby)'s probably be the best b-day gift ever and it's going to be a happy happy christmas


Thursday, October 15, 2009


...something BIG will happen tonight...they say good things happen to those who wait and i think i've waited long enough for this day to come that i can't forgive myself if i screw it up...i haven't prepared for it yet though i'm thinking i don't really have to...i just have to show 'em what i got and hopefully wing it...i'm starting to have jitters right now it's not even funny and this is so not me

...this is all work related anyway...i felt like i need to write this before i get to sleep (if i can get a decent one)...i should not be thinking about it much...i badly need some mint tea to feel relaxed :)


...if this one goes well then it's going to be a very happy birthday for me and probably be one of the nicest post b-day gift...i'm crossing my fingers :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

bad news

...i received a message from my boss in Facebook earlier and i was just shocked and at the same time felt sad about what i read...someone i know (not personally, but i get to email and talk to her though weekly conference calls) encountered something very tragic...

Woman Disabled by Flu Shot Reaction

...hope she gets the treatment she needs and will get well soon :(

Monday, October 12, 2009


...i did it again (i let someone call me "baby" for the 2nd time on the dance floor hahaha) and i swear this is going to be the last time (at least for this year)...blame it on the patron...yeah that evil patron tequila...i dunnow where i'll end up if i took more than what i can handle

...the 3 days OFF from work was something i needed so badly and it felt good to have a long rest (i even overslept)....and now i have a fever/sore throat/rhinitis combo...and i got nothing else to blame but me....i was drinking way too much that it's no longer funny

*Maya's Patron tequila and sangria chaser combo...sip it!

...and by the way, i need to get the word "diet" back in my system coz almost everyone noticed the few pounds i gained the last couple of weeks (yes, even my friendly Starbucks barista made a comment about it...ouch!)

...gotta fit in those Tyler back again before they go out of style and yeah, someone needs to shave :)


Friday, October 09, 2009


...if only status in Facebook can come true hehehe


...for those who needs reading glasses, here's what it says :)

Ash Mag-abo Jr.sleep time : will be dreaming of Colin Farrell and David Beckham and Skeet Ulrich and Taylor Lautner and Ryan Reynolds and Alexander SkarsgÄrd and Travis Fimmel and Jason Lewis...ang dami shet...orgy! and ow Papa Piolo of course hahahaa about a minute ago clear

...goodnight world :P

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


...i was deleting messages in my phone inbox earlier (i usually do it once a month) and i happened to read a super long text message from my ex and i didn't understand all of it the first time i read it (i was nursing a bad hangover at that time) and i just realized that he's the one who didn't get it still...

...i wasn't assuming that you wanted to get back with me...the thought of it made me looked like a total self-absorbed narcissistic airhead and that's the last thing i wanted to happen...i'm the type who don't second chances...that's just me...i don't even want to be your friend...the next time i see you i will no longer be civil...not a single hi or hello...and tell your friends (whoever they are ) to stop checking my Facebook...i'm no longer amused

...apathy at it's finest...that's the only thing you're getting from me

...there i said my piece...this is the last time i will be talking about you

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


It started off "Hey cutie, where ya from?"
And then it turned in,
"Oh no, what have I done?"

...i tried making a promise to stay away from alcohol because i've been getting nasty hangovers almost every weekend but to my disappointment i ended having one started with few glasses of champagne (i got invited to a friend's b-day party at Anzani's) but halfway dinner i was already having a little bit too much


...and to top that, i got another invite from a friend to attend another party (work related)...they need people to fill up the place...they expected 150 but only 40 people came (yeah, sucks big time!)...and so the gatecrashing begins and the flow of that nasty Red Horse didn't stop until early in the morning



Last night I got served a little bit too much of that poison baby
Last night I did things I'm not proud of

...i'm not going to make any promises this time :)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

one month

...a month from now i'll be a year older and those age jokes i used to throw at some of my older friends would now be on me...i'd like to make myself a birthday countdown but it takes effort and i might just end up disappointed...i can't even remember the last time i really celebrated it...oh well...maybe the next month will be a different story...we'll see's coming over this weekend so i gotta look good (starting with a haircut)...that means i probably have to watch my alcohol intake this Sunday night...we're having Patron tequila most likely for someone's b-day party and with it's 80 proof content i don't think having much will get me enough energy to pick up my mom early in the morning


...i'll cross the bridge when i get there :P

Monday, September 28, 2009


...i've been getting my alcohol fix for 3 weekends in a row and i'm getting proud for my alcohol tolerance these days that i can even brag about it ha! but i know this ain't a good thing and it needs to stop...i won't be going back to my happy place anytime soon...chill mode maybe a month or two before dosing my system with alcohol again

...and with the current situation Manila is in i think it is very inappropriate to talk about alcohol when others are losing almost everything...the situation was just really depressing that i can't even do a daily dose of time, everyone will be going back to normal but it's going to be one that takes a lot of effort and a dose of help will go a long way...thankfully all my friends in Manila are safe :)

...the next few days will be brighter :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


....took few days leave from work because i was already too exhausted and i thought that if i have to go to work for one more day i'll collapse...i was already dead tired this morning so when shift ended all i can think of was my bed...but after 3 hours of sleep (that's more than enough for a power nap) i just couldn't get back to my dreamland :('s a Friday night and i'm suppose to make the most out of the time i'm away from work but i realized i got no one to go out with...pathetic! all of my closest friends are in CDO with few some geographically located halfway around the world...and i don't want to go out with some random acquaintances just for the sake of being able to go out...or go on a mercy date, that is just desperate

...that's the perk of being in a always have a fallback whenever needed...a fallback for almost everything - a coffee break partner, a weekender buddy , the titles are endless...and yes that didn't sink in until now...but for what it's worth i'm still better off being single than be in a shiteous relationship...but then again, i might just be bitter :P


Monday, September 21, 2009

a bit imperfect

...i downloaded Mariah Carey's latest album after it leaked few minutes earlier and i find there's something a bit off with her voice in this latest effort though i just can't point my finger on what it is...probably i'll figure it out after the 4th replay...maybe this album will grow on me much like Obsessed did for me

...anyway, i spent my weekend in Clark to attend Santino's first to see some old friends and was the perfect time to get really wasted...this video doesn't even explain how wasted we were that night


Friday, September 11, 2009


...finally! 09/09/09 was the date i was waiting for...was super excited after seeing the premier few months back and i got the show's lead single on heavy rotation in my iPod

...i'm officially obsessed with Glee...i'm on their Fan Page in Facebook, i'm following them on Twitter and i got all the mp3s from the 2nd episode


...Wednesday is the best day of the week starting today...and that's Thursday for piratebay babies :) can't wait to see the cast's version of Somebody To Love...Mercedes killed it!

Monday, September 07, 2009

feel the rain on your skin

...been enjoying the weather's the perfect excuse to go on a full time hibernate mode but little bit earlier the rain was pouring like crazy that i gave in to the temptation

...went outside and felt the rain on my skin...felt like i went back in time when i was a lil' kid enjoying every last drop of was superduper good


...moroccan mint tea after the rain was just the perfect fix i needed...the next thing i know i woke up 3am starving yet super relaxed :)