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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

happy today

....never felt this good in a long long time

...i'm happy...just happy

...gotta get back to work and finish a plane to catch later :)

...retail therapy coming up...Tyler's on the top of the list

Saturday, September 27, 2008

just because

...while meeting for a meeting i got super bored and got the cam from my Macbook working


...i need a better headshot's Sunday morning...time for a bowl of Muesli and reruns of Pushing Daisies :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

thank you and i mean it is moving on for me again - this time with work...starting today, i will no longer be handling my team - my agents who showed me their best effort and helped me get to where i am today...

...i'd like to think that they're going to miss my mood swings hehehe...i may not be the perfect team leader but i'm sure i gave all my best to help them get better with work in the way i know best...thanks for the surprises (it always feel so good being appreciated, and it means a lot to me) - also, for the "send-off" thingy you gave last Sunday




...and for making me drunk after a long long time



...thank you for everything...i'm sad to leave all of you but at the same time i am very excited to take on a different, much bigger that i'm going to handle team leaders, it will get tougher

..i need all the support and the luck in the world


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

still mourning

...if only i could have waited few seconds and showed a little bit of patience i would not be staring at a dead piece of iPod right this very moment :(

...i spent so much time building that iPod, each track got their own cover art - from fan arts to official single all gone...i don't really care about losing the new songs (i can have them all downloaded in an instant) what i'm worried is i think i won't be able build up 90s playlist to the way it was before again (i'm a 90s baby - i think i can even compete with Killerbee's Friday Madness hehehe)

...oh well, now i know i gotta install Copypod on that Mac and make sure to create a back-up EVERYTIME

...feels like i'm starting all over again

Thursday, September 11, 2008

someone's resurrected

...someone texted a bit earlier that got me really surprised - for two reasons actually...(1) i haven't heard from him for almost 4 years and (2) i didn't realized i still have his number saved in my phone (well actually in my sim)

...few exchanges of text went on ending on a goodnight and a kiss (far better if it was real and not just few letters on a mobile screen)...oh well....time changes everything as they say

...after that i just spent almost 30 minutes waiting on queue to talk to a phone banker arguing about something that should not happen if someone did their job right...

...i need my daily caffeine fix and more good karma tonight