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Friday, April 25, 2008

bittersweet and goodbyes

...i'm smiling for a special reason and even singing for it (my blog stalking paid off) the end - i'll have the last laugh felt sooo good it's unhealthy

...moral of the story for you (yeah you! know who you are) - don't take a person for granted specially when he's at his best coz you don't know what you've got till it's gone :)


...and as usual, i'm the worst person when it comes to goodbyes...i still don't know how to handle such situations...i may have started my stint here in Clark in the wrong foot specially with the team leads, but i guess i did just fine with the agents...they've given me such a great experience the whole time i was here and that's something i'll be taking with me to Cebu :)

...they've made something as a sendoff gift - though it's not yet finished, they'll have it sent out in the mail by next week...stuff like this, no matter how simple sometimes can be the best thing you can ever wish for - because you know that the effort given was something from the heart and is genuine

...'m getting all cheesy but true :)

...Subic here i come :)

...time to hit the beach


Thursday, April 24, 2008

high school orgasm

...turned out my homecoming ain't going to be final until later this morning...please dear Lord spare me from this place....and while waiting, i dug up something that brought me multiple orgasms way back high school hahaha

...let's all enjoy these guys for one more time :)

it took another ugly turn

...i'm starting to hate American Idol...with another shocking elimination, one of my faves - Carly Smithson was eliminated...this is now purely a popularity contest rather than being based on talents...both ladies in the bottom 2 gave an outstanding performance compared to the mediocrity Jason Castro delivered...i'll exempt Brooke coz i like her hehehe


...i still would want to see Carly in the final 3...depressing

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

get off your high horse bitch!

...ever been in a situation where it felt so awkward and you're so out of place that you'd rather want the earth to open and swallow you whole than be stuck in the moment? that's what i felt earlier when i went out for a dinner/meeting with some people i've been working with for more than 3 months now

...sometimes you just have to accept the fact that no matter what effort you put in trying to please other people it just wouldn't work...they just literally shut you off everytime you don't know if they're just being resistant with what you're trying to teach them and afraid that you'll push them out of their comfort zone or they just don't like you as a person - i wish it wouldn't be the's a conscious effort for me to be extremely nice here and i just wished that they see that effort, even just for a little bit

...i'm ranting again, all i want to do now is go back to Cebu and do the normal stuff that i do with work - a kind of work that i think i'm really good at (no bragging intended)...but i still wish that before i'll get back to Cebu, i can tell someone this:

Get off your high horse bitch!!!

...i would be happier :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

E=MC2 - a fan review

...i bought Mariah's E=MC2 last Sunday when i saw it already available at a local Astroplus outlet - the original plan for that day is just to do groceries and go home - the saleslady even said that the album has been available since 2 weeks ago (which is of course a lie - bad sales pitch tsk tsk)

...i'm a little bit disappointed with the album layout, it would be nothing compared to what they did with the "Emancipation of Mimi" - there was super effort when that album was made, from the promo pics, album layout and of course with the music...this disc only have 2 photos of Mariah and the rest of the pages were laid out for the song lyrics - which Mariah always does in all of her albums (it was something expected) - i just wished that she could have included more photos like what she had in "Butterfly and Emancipation"


...i popped the disc in and it saved what it failed in the album layout...most of the cuts were really tight - it's more RnB/hip-hop infused with a mix of reggae, gospel and midtempo love songs - most likely the same formula she used in Emancipation which i think is golden! (this album though did not show much of Mariah's vocal range - less whistles, less high notes but that's fine)...

...these are some of the tracks that i felt deserved more time listening to :) - these on top of the previous 3 tracks i've managed to overplay in my iPod (Touch my body, Migrate, Bye Bye)

I Stay in Love - i really would want her to make this the 2nd single instead, it has that "we belong together" formula that makes it an excellent ballad...although it's something i can't relate to, it's one track that i can play while having some sweet lovin' dance with my special someone hehehe

Download "I Stay in Love"

Cruise Control - this is a new sound for her, with fewer low notes throughout the whole song and of course being with Damian Marley on the track makes the song an instant reggae treat :)

Download "Cruise Control"

I Wish You Well - capping it off with Bible-quoting, upright-piano gospel, (you can hear those familiar verses being done in "Fly like a bird") - there is no other better way to end an amazing album with a final blow

Download "I Wish You Well"

...go grab the album, it's super worth it! :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

i'm about to leave stint in Clark is just few days away before it's all over...finally!!!! - 4 more days to go and i'm going back to good 'ole Cebu...few things happened though last weekend....2 of my closest friends from work moved back to Manila for good, now that makes Cebu a bit lonelier for me :(

...i would no longer have my usual coffee/lunch break buddies and that means i need to look for new friends or else i'll end up spending my breaks alone and that is depressing...i was able to spend the weekend though with Goldine (and i'm sure i won't be seeing her for a long time)...had dinner at Chelsea's in Serendra with Chubaboink (who happened to have spent the whole weekend with me as well)

..started off with dessert at Sonja's with her sister Connie who happened to be our official driver that night :) - we started backwards since almost all restos are in a waitlist mode


...waited few minutes to get a table (we had a waitlist at Abe! as well, just in case)



...had some oven-baked seafood pasta, five cheese pizza and some angus burger...and as usual my appetite didn't fail me hehehe


...another carbo overload done :)


...had one more round of dessert after, this time at Xocolat - ordered a shot of kahlua-baileys-dark chocolate combo - just enough to get rid of the oily taste in my mouth :)

...spent few more hours checkin' the whole strip before calling it a night...i'm back again to counting the hours left before my work here is done

...i'm gonna make a pit stop first at Subic before heading back to Cebu - whale watching galore!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

i'm going to miss her

...good thing Brooke White is still in...for me, this is one of the most emotional elimination this whole season...Kristy hang in there for as long as she could :)


...she's going to be one of those i'm really going to miss

...of course it wouldn't be complete without the live performance from Mariah :)

...did she call Ryan Seacrest "John"? hahahah and loved it :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

another hit for Cook! shift for the week starts by midnight and most of the time i wake up an hour before 12 to get ready for work, but earlier and for tomorrow i am making an exception - who can pass up Mariah Carey night on American Idol? of her like me waited for seven seasons to see this :) what i've expected Carly Smithson delivered "Without You" and i wished she could have taken it a notch higher to show her vocal range instead of playing it safe and held back...what amazed me most and i think most people would agree is the very bold arrangement of David Cook's "Always be my Baby" - it was just perfect :)

...i never thought this song can be interpreted in that way...i always have this song imagined as your "girly karaoke type" of song...most fans of Mariah would agree that it was the best performance of the night :)

...gotta set up that alarm again for tomorrow's elimination :)

...i think Kristy's finally saying bye bye :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008



...boredom strikes back :)

...and ow, i checked the loal Odyssey store earlier, they still don't have the new Mariah album (how 3rd world)...depressing

Sunday, April 13, 2008

before he cheats and getting drunk

...i've been overplaying Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" for no apparent reason - the song just grown to be one of my recent faves...anyway, i'm stuck here in Clark for the weekend (i went home around 3AM super drunk from my boss's house party - i haven't been drunk for the longest time)...i made a combo out of the nasty J├Ągermeister + absolut kurrant + tequila rose + lotsa beers and multiple shots of red wine which would then equal to few minutes throwing up like crazy before bedtime :) - this is somethin' i haven't done/felt for quite some time now...

...woke up 2am the day after with an aching head and was starving - popped an Advil then went to the mall to pay for my phone bill and grabbed some Starbs for some caffeine fix and then bought some take out (which i enjoyed heartily while watching the premiere of Ghostrider on HBO) - all these done on a midday with nothing but a "tryk" for my transpo - which is way more expensive than getting a cab (yep your ever dependable neighborhood motorcab driver is using the dollar rate for the fare - i wish Clark would have taxis then it would be easier)...i don't wanna act like a diva and call up the driver to go to some place i can just walk, that would be just too much...

...then went back to hibernate mode for one more time...let's enjoy "before he cheats" for one more time shall we :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

lethargic and some rant

...Idol made a surprising cut earlier that it made me flipped out from the couch (i was in a lethargic mode earlier and at the same time starving and half asleep hehehe)...i hate to see Michael Johns go...i'm not expecting him to win but i wished he could have stayed a bit longer...


...and surprisingly Kristy Lee Cook was not part of the bottom 3 for the first time

...since i haven't got much sleep earlier, i made a pit stop at Starbs for some caffeine fix and now i'm in the office 'bout to spend 8 hours of doing almost nothing...good thing i got my iPod updated but then again i'm starting to get sleepy


...i need some Ben and Jerry's to cheer me up!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

if the predictions are right

...then Sayesha Mercado will be out in later's Idol elimination (that's according to TiVo who predicted Idol boots 4 week in a row) ...sad but if this is true then it's a relief than seeing Carly Smithson go ( i wanna see her belt out those MC tunes like she was on steroids hehehe)


...moral of the story - stop belting out songs that would instantly place you in a comparison with the original artist (i.e. Whitney)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

5 days to go for the ultimate music orgasm you all know, E=MC2 already leaked in the net (i think 2 days ago) but that's not enough reason to not get this album on the 15th...

Photobucket the way, someone managed to share some HQ tracks from the album (thank you Chris), one is set to be the 2nd single off the album "Bye Bye" and the other one features T-Pain which Mariah premiered on SNL - "Migrate".

...enjoy the tracks...have them overplayed in your ipod 'em here:


Bye Bye

...this is way more orgasmic than i ever thought!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

i'm making my momma super proud!

...if my mom's reading this, it will make her cry for sure and she's going to be super proud - actually she has 2 things to be proud of...


...i can now cook rice - yes, the straight from the pot type, with no aid of any rice cooker or whatsoever hehehe...this reminded me of Keith Famie - that chef from Survivor season 1 who can't cook rice and actually wrote a book about it

...i headed home early yesterday and was a bit excited because i'll be cooking something for my housemate for the first time hehehe...i was even wearing red for the occasion as if it's going to be one major turning point of my life hehe




...the dish is the ever so difficult "paksiw na bangus" hehehe - yeah, you can laugh (even my mom did when i asked for directions over the phone)...and it turned out to be a success (at least i think it did - Sheila liked it) and i got it all done in 30 minutes or less --- now, that's so Rachael Ray of me hehehe


...of course i have the "fallback" hotdog and eggs ready just in case the paksiw won't turned out right :) smarty pants ^^wink^^


Monday, April 07, 2008

first of summer...Baguio chill :) started with an almost 4 hour ride and i finally got to see Baguio for the first time after i procrastinated with the plan of going for the longest time's a party of two (if i were straight, then it would feel like me and Sheila were on a honeymoon hehehe)...i spent almost quarter of the day walking, i guess that's always the best way you get to enjoy a new place - sight seeing at its finest :)


...the walk from SM Baguio down to their public market reminded me of my last trip to Macau (the part where you make your way to St. Paul ruins - though less crowded)...i think that was the only thing i didn't get to enjoy Baguio, it's way too crowded...people mushrooms from almost everywhere that you need all the breathing space you can finally get - yes, even if taking it in the stairs :)


...of course, the trip won't be complete without the must-have camwhorin' sessions that make Baguio famous (and i think it still got the rep for being the summer capital of Pinas)





...more shots from my Multiply - you can check it and bother to add me up if you gots' the time hehe

...i think i burned enough cal from the walk i did but then again i found something that would make all those calories back in a snap...these babies are too die for and i think you can only find them here...perfect pair for your daily caffeine fix from Starbs



...yummy noh?

...2 weeks more and i'll be either in La Luz in Batangas or i'll hit Tagaytay Highlands

...cant wait :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

the nerve!

...out of boredom i started to search for blog of old friends...friends i havent' seen for a long time, some i no longer talk to and much to my surprise i saw a picture of someone who gave me a big laugh

...he's someone i haven't even met in person but claimed to have spoken with me on the phone (i might have but i don't bother to remember) and he made this comment that still lingers in my mind which i find funny until this day - "Bakit mo boyfriend si Ash, eh boses babae yan"

...i mean that's fine and i'm not offended by it as long as it came from someone who's straight as Beckham but hell nooooo!!! - when i saw his picture, he was the type you can smell faggotry (if there is such a word) million miles away...i wonder how the bitch sounded over the phone hehehe

...oh well, thanks for putting a smile on my face

..Starbucks finally opened in Clark ( i bribed the driver earlier to make a stop at Starbs before going to the office) and ow i'll be spending the weekend at Baguio for a chill - now i got 2 more reasons to smile :)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

"they even miss your mood swings" of my agents when i was still starting as a team lead sent in this email earlier - she will be resigning and i was quite touched with what she said :)

"You were so busy preparing to leave for Pampanga so we didn't have the chance to talk. You also mentioned you're not good at saying goodbye. Anyway,  I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me tl. If you hadn't pushed me, I never would've been promoted. Thank you for your tolerance and your understanding especially when I was going through some rough phases w/ my marriage. I know you said you're not very good w/ emotional situations but you did just fine.  Our working relationship wasn't perfect ( nothing is) but I was able to appreciate you more when you left. Its really true that you get to realize the value of someone when he is gone. My teammates feel the same. They even miss your mood swings."

...suddenly i miss the whole team i left behind, i may not be the perfect team lead for them but i did what i can to make them better :)

***this pic is wayyy old and half of them in this picture is no longer even with the company


..and speaking of goodbyes, Ramiele got booted off Idol, too bad she didn't make it far till the Mariah night - but i'm still proud of her for making it that far :) - probably she would be hitting the Philippine shores to have some post idol victory career :)


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Audio Snippet: Bye Bye from E=MC2's an audio clip of Mariah Carey's 2nd single titled "Bye Bye" off from the E=MC2 album hitting the stores this April 15...i'm loving this ballad - the message of the song is more like of the One Sweet Day type but more upbeat

...this is another future No.1 - which will be her 19th..."Touch my Body" leaped from #15 to #1 today at the Billboard charts...and most likely this will be the song she will be performing come American Idol

Photobucket play and enjoy the snippet

music player
I made this music player at

...can't wait for the whole album to drop



i'm about to call it quits this time network's dead - AGAIN!


...i've been thinking of really calling it quits with Globe lately (unless they'll have my rebates increased every month - my phone bill's bit high the past 2 months), this i think is the 4th time something like this signal at! (i'm wondering what could their excuse be this time? - maybe it has do something with the military bunker i'm in right now)

...hey, at least i got an excuse why my phone is being boring for the last few hours...i dont' know how long this one gets fixed...depressing

...anyhoo, it was Country night earlier at American Idol with "Backwood Barbie" Dolly Parton as the mentor - and my fave was from Michael Johns - it's powerful and raw...and yeah it's so wrong yet sooo right :)

...can't wait for the Mariah week on AI the next week :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

this is how you nail an interview

...Mariah Carey recently did an interview with a UK radio station and when the DJ misquoted on the number of albums she sold, she hung-up..perfect!


...can't wait for the E=MC2 album to hit the stores

happily last!

...i'm at a point right now where i'm starting to feel not that happy with work - yah know, the usual phase we go from time to time...i'm just waiting for my stint to end here and get my promotion processed so i can move on :)'s starting to become a routine and bit monotonous, that the first thing i did when i came in the office earlier is to send everyone i know from work a copy of my resignation letter and a complimentary "thank-you-goodbye-pang-Maalala mo Kaya - email" hehehe


...that's it! i'm finally free, that finger-snappin' easy

...i have officially resigned

...NOT - how i wish hehehe

...happy April Fools day everyone :)


...violent reactions from the e-mail coming up hehehe :)

...and since it's the summer season, it's time to get the "shaved and skid" do...this time with the V-cut :)