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Monday, December 31, 2007

i cried...first and last

...i cried earlier - the first and the last for the year

...i miss my mom so badly, i ended crying with her on the phone, i never felt so alone (or maybe it's just what the season brings)...everyone's getting so festive and i'm alone in my room with the tea candle in the burner and the subtle hum of the AC as my company

...this is something i'd probably remember for a long time...good thing i got a friend to cry on :)'s gonna be a happy year ahead

Saturday, December 29, 2007

finding neverland...and the must-have new year's resolutions

...i'm having sleeping problems lately and i don't even know why...i got myself checked by an optometrist and she said my eyes were perfect (as they always have been hehehe)...maybe i just need to take a breather - i've been spending too much time on excel that he seems like a pseudo boyfriend for the past few days day more and it's gonna be the new year...2007 was a good year for me (there's the promotion, the lovelife and having to spend my birthday with my fab friends somewhere not here)...hope 2008's gonna be better than's the year of the rat and yeah speaking of rats, i got bad dreams about them and their kind that i don't wanna's morbid

Here we go with the must have new year's resolutions list ( in fairness to me, i managed to achieve 2 out of 10 from last year hehehe) :

1. SAVE!!! - for the future splurge hehehe

2. get a gym membership and get serious with working out (this seems to be in my list almost every year that never gets done)

3. always remember the magic formula : happiness = reality/expectations

4. to spend more time with my mom ( i miss her badly)

5. get promoted (this means less slack time/ get busy with business) far I've got 5 but i know more will come up later

***ride with me and let's welcome the new year :)


Happy New Year babies...stay fab!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

this still send shivers...everytime

...after all these years, this is still sooo amazing...if she goes carolin' in my frontyard, i think the amount of my whole house wouldn't be enough to pay for her hehehe...amazing

and yes to date, this is still the best version EVER!!!

Merry Christmas everyone...much love



Saturday, December 22, 2007

moving on...soon

...i'm gonna be leaving...real soon

...i'm stepping out of my comfort zone and will be tryin' out something new...we'll technically not really (it's the same job just a different place, a different crowd)

...'im going to miss a lot of people, and the one that i love the most

...seems like i'll be the first one to leave the loveboat :(

***hear me callin' babe


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

this is my grown-up christmas list...not!

aside from the usual world peace for christmas, i got some yummy cravings i wanted for the season...and yes - i am saving you the trouble of thinking what to give me to make me happy :)

let's go through the list shall we?

 1. a pack of 3 musketeers - something i haven't eaten for the longest time...someone's gotta go to Duty Free and buy me a bag ASAP before they run out of stock again.

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 2. flexible fit boxers from Calvin - this new collection is delish...if it's not yet available here you can give me one of those "Steel Collections" and i want the one with the gold waistband

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***model sold separately...u can have it included by the way...i wouldnt have a problem with that ^^wink^^

3. sony ericsson's W880 - i think it's time to give my P910i's a rest...i've been abusing it much for the last 2 years...and beside this new baby is super slim...i'm inspired to go on a crash diet to match its size

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4. Starbucks peppermint mocha - i wouldn't care about the journal, i need the coffee...cmon' this is the easist one in the can give it to me in an the way i wanted it triple shot/non-fat/nowhip/extra-hot

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5. Armani Exchange's Logo City Baseball Hat - it wouldn't be complete without the must-have Armani...this is something that can add up to my collection and it featured the New York city skyline...and by the way i havent't had anything black for a cap

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...these are little precious that i would want for wouldn't be a wishlist for others but hey where's the fun in that if you can have all of 'em in an instant :)