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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


...went to The Optical Shop earlier to check if they were able to fix my shades...and boy they did.!!!..that instantly puts a big smile on my face :)

...amazing how a tiny screw can bring it all back as if like nothing happened :)

...i'm but to hit the sack but not until i get Megan's "Turn The Lights Down Low" overplayed like more than a 100 times heheheh
....i love her to death...hopefully, she's will still be in the Top 8 :)

...and ow, it will be my first time wearing shorts in the office later...time for summer dressdown BBs'

Friday, March 27, 2009


...woke up with an aching head earlier (i'm having problems getting back to my normal sleeping hours lately) and got a text message from my bestfriend...she is already confined in the hospital getting ready for her ceasarean operation tomorrow morning

...i'm praying for her safe delivery and I can't wait for her little angel to come far she's sticking with the name Simone which i think is quite nice but if i can decide for her i would name her baby Megan Joy bwehehehe


...speaking of Megan, surprisingly she's still in the competition...i'm super duper happy...i still got a reason to continue watching AI :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

to Bacolod and back

...i thought i'd be spending the last 2 days in Bacolod locked up in the hotel room...thankfully i was wrong...we decided to rent a car and took a tour of the city..i'll let the pictures do the talking, i now got an aching head for too much sleep hehe

...burned some cal trekking to see some waterfalls


...then went to see some Ruins after (it reminded me of St.Paul ruins in Macau)



...and of course, Bacolod wouldn't be complete without getting your hands on those authentic chicken inasal... super yum!


...had a lil water action the day after


...and some spare time at Starbucks killing time while waiting for the flight back to Cebu :)


...and ow, they got this butterscotch bar that perfectly pairs with my fave soy latte....heaven :)


Thursday, March 19, 2009


...found the perfect replacement for my broken Replay earlier...i couldn't get some sleep after watching 3 episodes of CSI NY so i ended going to the mall and bought some hair styling wax and some meds

...i made a stop at the Optical Shop to check if they can still fix the broken screw of the shades and then i saw Ray-Ban's 3361 model and i instantly forgot why i was there in the first place hehehe

Photobucket was love at first sight's gorgeous, and was more when i put it on that point, i knew i just have to take it home with me


...and yes i did :)


...i'll be off to Bacolod this weekend and i don't have any idea what i'll be doing there aside from getting my hands on authentic chicken inasal...suggestions? anyone?

Monday, March 16, 2009

CSI NY and broken shades

...i've spent the whole Sunday "house-arrest style" doing a marathon of CSI NY...GAWD! it's sooo Mac's wallpaper is now the official TV series pic and i got Baba O'Reilly (the series's theme) overplayed in my iPod...the only other thing i did aside from watching it was to grab dinner (yes, i skipped lunch)ow, and yeah a quick shower :)

...the show wants me to overanalyze things and develop an amazing eye for detail...speaking of detail, one of my shades got broken 2 days ago...Replay's case is made of denim so it didn't actually help when it was stuff together with my Mac inside a denim duffle bag (i'm not even sure though if it was the reason why the frame got broken)


...i now have to use my Armani aviator for the meantime till i get my hands on that yummy Rayban i wore couple of weeks back (my bestfriend bought it for her hubby and i was the one who did the "quality control" bwehehehe)


...maybe it was meant to happen :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


...i think i might be getting another blog vacation - depends on what's going to happen after i'll get myself checked later...hopefully no confinement or whatsoever...i'm just being paranoid and blowing things out of proportions...that is how i usually act if something goes different with my system...i self diagnose and most of the time i get it wrong (which i think is good hehehe)

...which reminds me about sex life is sooo dead to the point that i no longer remember when was the last time i had one...i used to get a lot of action before bwhehehe...i was fixing my hair earlier and i noticed a stack of condoms right beside my moisturizer...and i think that stack is going to be around for a long time

...oh sex drive, where art thou?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


...i've been sick for the last 4 days...and i'm now starting to get amazed by my tolerance for pain...until when can i endure it? i dunnow...i might be skipping work tonight and get myself admitted but most likely i won't do that...i'll procrastinate - coz that is what i usually do...

...i've been lacking sleep because of the pain and my toes starts to get numb maybe because of the same reason...this is the weirdest thing that happened to me...and what's weird is i've come to the point where i'm getting to use to this sensation

...not good

Monday, March 09, 2009

about check operator services

....someone forgot to pay their phone bill hehehe...i got a message earlier from Globe, something i haven't seen for the last 5 years...most of the time Globe sends out friendly reminders (hehehe) before cutting your line off but now it was just like disconnected in an instant and the ironic part is the warning text came after me paying the bill

...oh well, someone needs to learn a lesson

..bills, bills, bills...when will they ever go away? hehehe

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Anzani and too much karaoke

....i still can't stop laughing hysterically everytime i replay the last video i posted about these super young "gay girls" dancing to Single Ladies hehehe...i wonder if they get beaten up by their dad by the time they get home - now that would be sad :(

...nyway, i finally got a haircut after procrastinating for almost a week... i usually get my hair done twice a month specially the time when i was sporting a longer cut...the thing with having that hairstyle though is it would need me to use a hairdyer/blower everytime i start fixing my hair and i no longer have the luxury of time these days...i guess i will be keeping a shorter cut much longer than i've expected :)


...see a lil' fix can make a whole lot of difference :)

...had dinner at Anzani last night, i found the place to be very chic not at all pretentious..what i like most about the place is the overlooking view you'll get once you're's also interesting that they got these oversized pots made of fiber glass illuminating the place, giving it a subtle candlelight glow - it's wayy cozy enough for you to just enjoy the view while sipping on a fine glass of wine...chill baby chill hehe was good as expected, i enjoyed my Red Marinara pasta though i would want it to be less creamy - i'd rather have it mixed with a bit of olive oil to make the taste bit lighter...their flatbread also remind of "panizza" (a specialty of "C" - one of the famous Italian restos in Clark) which we all raved about...their servings are way too big for me but i guess i was just really starving that i managed to finish more than half of the pasta hehehe

..and to top the deal, you need to checkout their restroom, instead of using tissues, they got these personalized hand towels for you to use and both their hand soap and lotion were A+ as i know where to take someone out if i need to impress heheheh *wink wink*

...we then head to some karaoke joint to join a friend's love for Bon Jovi was instantly resurrected after i got more than my alcohol requirement for the night hehehe...we were belting out those classic Bon Jovi hits like Pavarotti on steroids (and it was all back-to-back mind you hehehe)...your videoke playlist will really vary once you get to be with people on a different age bracket....i'm a 90s' baby and i'm staying that way :)

...woke up with an aching head and a sore throat...i need an Advil-Strepsils combo ASAP!

Saturday, March 07, 2009


...the virus has spread....and NO ONE can stop it

...that's right, work those skimpy short it like you own it!

Friday, March 06, 2009


...i badly need a haircut...i took a picture of myself while talking to someone on the phone and i think the picture i took was a wake up call to drag myself to the salon and get a fix


...or probably i'll get one before heading to Anzani for dinner tomorrow night :)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

ditched Davao

...i finally decided to skip Davao and my former housemate's wedding for reasons i don't want to disclose (well, let's just say, i'm not a big fan of the couple - mean but true)...i want to attend an event that i know i'll fully enjoy than pretend to be all happy about it (but i wish them both all the best of course) i'm free this coming weekend and aside from having dinner at Anzani this Saturday i don't have anything else to do...yet :)


...Mediterranean food anyone?

Sunday, March 01, 2009


"you don't have to hold on to the pain, to hold on to the memory"

...that's the first line i heard after waking up earlier...i forgot to shutdown Tonio (i was charging it) and iTunes was on shuffle mode...the line hit me for a while and made me wonder when was the last time i felt pain - emotionally (the physical ones come more often being the clumsy me) i guess it's been quite a while :)

...i didn't ponder on that thought for too long...Tonio played Spinning Around by Kylie which made me instantly awake...and yeah i was dancing my way to take a shower..

...time to grab some coffee and chill :)