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Friday, January 29, 2010

i finally got it!

...this is what i have been obsessing about since Sinulog when i saw it worn by my bestfriend's hubby :)


...i didn't get to see it the last time i visited Zara in Manila...thanks to my online shopping skills, i was able to find the product code and asked a friend to buy it for's a bit pricey for a jacket (i can buy 2 Lacoste polo shirts with the price but it's soo worth it)....can't wait to whore it out hehehe all i need is a new pair of shades for Boracay come the next weekend :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

iWant an iPad

OMG!!!!! this is the next best thing that i will ever have next to Tonio (my Macbook) or maybe even better...i was just blown away the first time i get to see it unveiled in Apple's official website...

..the perfection that is called iPad :)

Photobucket bestfriend and I will be getting one as soon as it's released...this baby is worth every penny...can't wait for it to become available worldwide...if the date won't change then i got some extra time to save for some higher specs :)

...the only problem now is what to name it when i get one...Tonio 2.0 perhaps?

Monday, January 25, 2010


...i went out last night with one of my close friends to help her with a job interview she's about to have within the will be her first time EVER to try getting a job and since she's applying for a call center, i was the perfect guy to do the coaching/mock interview

...had dinner at Tsim Tsha Tsui (and i must say, i LOVE it much!) and got some dessert at the usual Gelatissimo where we did our lil' mock interview in a corner table :)


...all the luck in the world for my girl...i'm confident that she'll be able to wing it...that night was worth spending outside rather than keeping the original plan of house arrest :)

...5 days more and it's the start of February and i got 2 major things lined up (and no, not one of them includes the overrated Valentine's day hehehe)

...i've been overplaying this old song since this morning for no apparent reason...something random chosen by my Itunes playlist...ahh memories :)

'Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright
This could be nothing
But I'm willing to give it a try
Please give me something
'Cause someday I might know my heart

Saturday, January 23, 2010

i see you

...the promotion i was waiting for finally came and trust me i've been waiting for it for too long...i was already at the point of deciding when to give my resignation letter (i gave it another 15 days more and if it isn't there yet then i'll kiss my company goodbye)...since it did, now i'm a little happy and i'll stay and enjoy the moment till i get to that point again of wanting to leave

...speaking of waiting, this one came so unexpectedly...someone i used to be with almost all the time way back college added me up in Facebook and sent me a message...he was hot way back then but now he's way HOTTER!!! i was distracted by the profile pic that the message he sent instantly was last priority


...agree much? shet!!!! i can't wait to see him and catch up...just like the old times :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sinulog 2010

...last week marked my 4th year celebrating Sinulog and i think this year was one of the best i ever had (the first year i got to experience it set the bar too high hehehe) friends from college came over as well as my bestfriend and an old friend from Singapore (talking about spreading yourself too thin)

...i ended up being a busy bee meeting a lot of friends that by the end of the weekend i was super exhausted...but it was all worth it :)

...these are just some of the pictures posted over FB and there's a lot more...different crowd, different place...the only thing constant was me :)





...i spent the whole Monday in a beach somewhere north for some much needed Sinulog detox...till next year kids :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

old flame

...when you rekindle an old flame then you must be ready for the consequences to come (specially when it ended bad the first time)...but this one is a totally different is a reconciliation for all the right reasons :)

...i've been going out a few times with this guy (who happens to not fit in any category of my IDEAL type checklist by the way) and we hit it off right was something that was designed to be just a casual thing, lustful (he was crazy good in bed - a pleaser in a very excellent way), and most of the time our conversations are all about the same thing since we don't get that much in common

...he was the ultimate probinsyano type and i was the one who's super exposed to everything worldly (i just couldn't find the exact word to describe it)...but as i've said we clicked..and then there was a long hiatus...a break...something tragic happened, his dad passed away...he spent the last few months in his hometown

...i gave him the time he calls, no text...nothing

...then earlier i got a call, he was back in town...and although he's still hurting, i saw in his eyes how much he missed me..and it felt like it was the first time i saw him all over again :)

...i'm in for this ride and let's see where it takes me...i caught myself few times smiling alone just thinking of his voice...if you don't call that crazy, then i don't know what is

Friday, January 08, 2010

spur retail therapy

..i had a very long day earlier that by the time i got home i was totally knocked out...woke up with an aching head and was starving like that i'm fed, i can now spill details about it :)

...the original plan was to get a haircut and buy some nose pore strips (i got blackheads and they've been bugging me for the longest time)...since my hair stylist was still not available, i ended having a spur moment of retail therapy...i hate myself...i should be saving for something bigger...oh well

...saw a nice pair of leather shoes in Lacoste, bought it up for dress-up days for work (see i can always justify every purchase) hehehe..too bad the pic didn't do much justice to it...bad camera phone...hate it!


...head to Rustans after and saw that Calvin Klein was on sale...seeing those pro rib trunks half their original price is like lechon on a sunday morning, it is super irrisistable hehe...bought 2 and probably i'd be back for more :)


...had some haircut and bought some nose pore strips (finally!) but before heading home, i came upon a stall that sells knockoff in ear headphones for iPod...Php220 is like your regular order of venti triple shot mocha at what the hell, i ended buying one..and in fairness to it, it works wonderful, the only questions is for how long? :)


and ow, someone tagged me in Facebook..a lil' something from the bukid :) kilig mode love love!


Tuesday, January 05, 2010


...i've been losing steam with how the way i do my job lately...i used to push myself really hard to meet whatever expectations my boss/client have of me...but now, i think that drive is fading and i'm afraid by the next couple of weeks it will all be gone

...i used to be excited in attending meetings/calibrations (coz i can get to talk a lot) but lately i've been dreading to attend one...i used to enjoy the time being locked in the confines of that corner office...i've mastered the art of multi-tasking of taking pictures of myself and that of talking to clients at the same time


...but now, i just HATE doing any of it..

...i need something to motivate myself and to find back that purpose of why i always try to be the best...if i can't find that motivation then i guess, i need someone to kick me hard in the ass to get back to my old self

...this is sooo not right :(

Monday, January 04, 2010

post x-mas gift

....had coffee with prettyboy earlier at Starbucks and we exchanged Percy Jackson books and surprise surprise - he gave me a post x-mas gift...i thought it was very sweet and thoughtful of him to do an effort...i haven't received much gift last x-mas, so this is like an icing on a cake :)

...and look what he got me? hehehe :) as much as i want to flip them on the other side i can't...this blog should stay kid friendly hehhee

Photobucket i can play poker all night long...these nude male playing cards will give me an excuse to shuffle some daily...thanks i'm pressured on what to get you for your birthday hehehe

...and ow, i found this 2009 mashup in YouTube that is super good!!! enjoy!