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Saturday, March 27, 2010

road trip

...i arrived a day earlier for the birthday party of my bestfriend's baby so me and some friends decided to do a road trip....took some time to check out some super yum cheeseburgers and the mesmerizing ocean scene :)





...oh yes, it is very mahangin sa labas hehehe


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

one more day

...i still got one last shift tonight and i can start my short vacation for the heading to my bestfriend's hometown to celebrate the b-day of her baby Simone and i'm super excited to see both of them again :) the theme is going to be Alice in Wonderland and she already hired some people to dress up like the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter - that alone makes me want to start the party right about now hehehe :)

...did a quick retail therapy earlier to get something to wear for the party...good thing i reserved something from Lacoste over the it earlier and then i made a quick stop at the salon to get a new hair color (i'm now sporting a dark ash blonde do)

Photobucket all i'm waiting is for my shoes to arrive...i asked a friend to get it for me...fell in love with it the first time i saw it online...if only Zara opens up a flagship store in Cebu i'll be happier :)

Photobucket the only thing i need to make sure is to not forget my b-day gift :) i was amused by the concept of customizing your own stuff toy complete with a birth certificate


...this is the safest i can get for a 1-year old on top of a pair denim jeans and jacket from Levi's's going to be a very wonderful weekend :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

easy like a sunday morning

...just downloaded 12 Gig worth of the original X-men animated series and i got the whole Sunday morning to enjoy felt like i was back to being a 6-year old kid again waiting every Friday night to catch a single episode hehehe..i got 103 episodes to enjoy and i'm going to have a viewing party soon with friends over pasta and wine..welcome to the kids at heart club hehe :)


...Rogue has always been my favorite..i even named my entire shift after her hehe :)

...i'm eager to get this finished so come next Sunday i can head to some beach and chill...i need a break...who doesn't?


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


...i'm super duper excited for April to come and so is my Macbook! :) some old porn files need to go to free up some space hehehehe (i really have to buy some portable HD this weekend)


...that wallpaper stays until Glee premieres back this April...i just get super excited at something most of the time and get over it the day after hehehe flying out by next week to attend the 1st b-day of Simone (my bestfriend's daughter) and i can't think of anything to give her as a gift yet...if onyl baby Zara is closer

Saturday, March 13, 2010

out! and a Pacquiao brunch

...after spending the last few weekends at home i was finally convinced by friends to go out on a Saturday night (got no choice really, they showed up knocking on my door already made up, interrupting my X-Men trilogy marathon)'s pretty much the same when you go out these days...i've seen few new faces but they don't seem to excite me at all...i don't know if i was just looking for something more interesting or that partyboy inside me is totally dead...either way, it was quite a waste of time...had 2 shots of vodka and called it a night (my alcohol tolerance is back to square 1), i still have my X-Men trilogy to go back to :)


..which reminds me to change that's way too fuckin' vain hehe :P

...come early Sunday morning i was one with the whole Philippines glued to the TV set to catch Manny Pacquiao's fight on Pay Per View while having some brunch with friends from work :) wasn't as exciting as his previous fights but you gotta hand it to the guy for still being on top of his game..if not for Clottey's nasty defense till the 12th run he could have been knocked out and i could have won some cash (i bet for the fight to be over by the 7th round hehehe)

Photobucket least the pasta was to die for...surprisingly asparagus and sardines go very well together :)


...and of course it did put a big smile on my face hehe


Friday, March 12, 2010


the best music video ever!!!! (or at least for the past 10 years! hehehe) this is way too awesome! Diet Coke curlers, literally smoking eyewear, awesome choreography and a pussy was worth the hype and the wait

...overplay this kids, it's worth it!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

on house arrest

Current Facebook Status: on marathon : Flashforward and CSI NY; a bag of leftover Ruffles, 2 packs of YanYan and my Funchum! all i'm missing is a cuddle :)

...i'm nursing a bad case of lower back ache and this will probably keep me in house arrest for the next 2 days...the only thing that i was able to do during my off from work is some retail therapy from Lacoste (the vintage/washed series is back!!!)


..stayed for few minutes at Starbucks (i got lots of free GCs that i can treat you guys coffee for one whole week hehehe)


...if anyone wants some tea latte love then let me's on me :)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

fly in / fly out

...i've taken a break from packing my stuff for Manila...i'll be flying early morning tomorrow to attend a quarter business review (fulltime nosebleed mode) in Makati that will last for 3 help me God and bless my soul :) if only i could get to spend a little bit longer in this room then i'll be happier :)


...if you're near Mandarin Oriental, then let's chill :)

...i'll be flying back to Cebu Friday morning just right after having a breakfast fix (now why didn't i haggle with my boss to spend the rest of the weekend in Manila? hmm) oh well...i need to find/do something interesting come Saturday night then

...a date maybe? it's been ages since i had one :)