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Saturday, May 30, 2009

almost over you

...i've been with you for the longest time i can remember and now it's time for me to let you go...not because i don't love you but because it's no longer know most of my secrets and have been with me during my darkest moments (literally) hehehe

though you got bloated/fat the past few weeks i endured you for as long as i did...but now you've been a torture to my finger and i can't take it any longer so you left me no choice but to move on...


...thanks for the were worth every penny i paid you for :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

status check

...i guess by now i'm really sure..i am crazy in love out for upcoming cheeziest posts ever hehehe...oh well, i still didn't know what hit me till i finally realized it this morning


...and here's a lil something to brighten up your day...the perfect theme song once i hit Pearl Farm (June 13) and Dos Palmas (June 20-22)...cmon' sing it with me bbs!

...bwehehehehe...heavy ang trip!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

she always delivers the kill!

...this should be your new "Single Ladies"...i'm excited to see hundreds of versions to pop out in Youtube soon....who can ever forget those single gaydies

Saturday, May 23, 2009

AH1N1 is that you?

...i'm having a bad case of flu and now i'm wondering why did i bother coming in to work instead of taking a full rest at home...i've taken some anti-histamines earlier this morning and it knocked me out in an instant and left someone hanging, waiting for my text reply hehehe sorry (you know who you are) mom's coming over this weekend and i'm so excited!!! she's buying me my Philip Stein chrono (yeah, coz i can't save for it and can't afford it, so i need some charity work from her hehehe)

...and the weekend after that, i'll be heading to my bestfriend's hometown for her baby's christening and will have a 2-day celeb at Pearl Farm in Davao and by the time i get back to Cebu i'm getting ready for another trip to Dos Palmas

...i'm not the nature lover type but hey it's Dos Palmas...and i'm sure i'm gonna be wearing more of these type :)


...hope you all have an exciting weekend as much as i will have :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

rundown of the thank you girls

...i braved a rundown cinema in Colon yesterday just to see "The Thank You Girls" and i got to see more than what i paid for...i've been quite a fan of the movie even before (though my liking of it was based from trailers in youtube and few random blog hops)...i tried checking local video shops to buy it but it's not available and piratebay was not much use either...

Photobucket left me no choice but to go to one of the most crowded places in Cebu and spent the next 2 hours trying to enjoy the movie with effort..i say effort because:

1. the sound system was really bad, it feels like i'm hearing an echo from somewhere and the subtitles are cutoff from the screen...all i can see is the top part of the subs :(

2. most of the people watching are not in there for the movie (what else do you expect from a rundown cinema playing adult films)...most of them are walking in front of the screen blocking your view from time to time and sometimes you really need to tell them to move

3. inside the cinema was really working AC..only 2 running small fans (that's my guess)...i almost got to the point of taking my shirt off but i realized i might get some nasty skin rashes if i do (those chairs looked like they haven't been cleaned for ages)

4. going inside the cinema is almost the same as walking into a dark alley not knowing what might grab actually felt bit scary and i was stupid for bringing my Mac with me inside (another big no no)

5. to top it all, i got occasional offers from random strangers about me giving them head or the other way around and get paid for it (talking about a fallback plan hehehe)...i actually asked how much and got a Php250 offer bwhahaha (and i thought my value was too high ha!)

...although it was almost a horrible experience, the movie made up for it...i had a great time watching it and have few laughs in between (and i guess i was the only one laughing)...but i can't go back in's enough that for a time i've experience what it's like being inside one of those places and get to tell my story :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

weekender and the wise woman

...being awake for almost 2 days gives you the perfect excuse to stay at home and hibernate it's as if you can still make up for those lost hours of has been one crazy weekend, super tiring but all worth it..i'm just waiting for the pictures from the wedding so i can post them

...since i stayed home almost the whole day, i managed to finish reading "The Wise Woman" by Philippa Gregory (author of the famous "The Other Boleyn Girl")...the ending was quite something i did not expect...after all of the scheming and manipulation the characted did for her to survive and get to the level she wanted, she ended it all by having herself burned in the stake (i think that was the only way for her to get total absolution from all of her sins)...i won't go much to the details coz it will take me some time to write a serious book review and it might bore you hehe but this is something i would recommend in an instant if you need something to read :)


...went to the mall after to buy some star screwdriver (i need to fix my lock and i'm trying to play the handyman role hehehe)...had 2 shots of strawberry tequila from Friday's while waiting for a friend for dinner


...had some chicken gyro and pasta at Cyma then gelatissimo for dessert (it's quite frustrating though that they no longer have the wild cherry flavor available)...had some chamomile tea after and played around the cam trying to copy Wondergirl's infectious "Nobody But You" video out for the full version...soon bwehehee

Saturday, May 16, 2009

24 and counting

...i'm now more than 24 hours awake (with few power naps in between) and i got a very long day ahead of me including a wedding i have to attend...i've downed 2 Red Bull and 1 grande Cafe Americano from Starbs already and i think i'm going to need more

...right after my shift yesterday, i went to Ayala to see one of my friends from CDO to have coffee and retail therapy...2 hours after, i spent the rest of my afternoon at the Shangri-la Mactan (which is totally not part of the plan) to see Maui (who's already enjoying the water)



...had few Mangoritas at the Cowrie Cove (their happy hour is a total steal) after their swim and went to Sutukil for some super carbo overloading dinner

...if i could only sing, i'll be performing this in the wedding later bwheehehe

Friday, May 15, 2009

falling slowly

...i'm dating someone and i'm giggling like a high school kid all over again (it's nice to get this kind of feeling after a long time)...and sometimes making the first move seems to be all worth it

...and i think i'm ready to fall in love again :)

I don't know you
But I want you
All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react
And games that never amount
To more than they're meant
Will play themselves out

Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can't go back

...let's play this one more time, shall we?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

one more week to go

...did you guys get to see Kris Allen's "Heartless" performance in Idol last night? it was super duper L.O.V.E.!!!


...if he won't be in that Top 2 spot then the show would be useless (i lost interest in it the day Megan left)...he's already a winner for me and who knows he might pull off a Daughtry after the show

...can't wait to download the elimination night episode later and who knows i still might see Kris next week :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

the one who got away

..."coz when i'm with him i am thinking of you" - Katy Perry

i've been overplaying this song for as long as i can remember and i have memorized each line like they were my own...something happened last weekend that made me relate to this song in an! i'm in emo mode after quite a long time and it kinda felt good :)

...did you get that feeling of regret for not having the courage to tell someone how you really feel about them and only realizing what you've missed when that person's gone (or in this case, have already found someone)?

...oh well, i should get myself some happy meal again and hopefully it will put a lil smile on my face (and ow, i just realized how much the price increased since i was in college for a supersize happy meal..amazing) i'm having coffee all by myself and some revel bar for a bit of sugar rush and thinking what i just missed :(


...i'll be happy soon...and by that time i'll no longer need any happy meal

Photobucket, let me me have Katy Perry on auto-repeat mode again :)

Saturday, May 09, 2009


...i spent the early morning cleaning my Mac...bought this cleaning kit from iStore 2 weeks ago and earlier was the only time i was able to use it (yes, i got a lot of other priorities lined up hehehe) felt sooo good seeing my Mac back to the same look it had when i took it out of its box ...give it 2-3 weeks and i'll be doing the same thing all over again till it becomes a routine (the price you have to pay for having an all-white portable)...maybe it's a sign to give up Tonio and exchange him for a Mac Air hmmm heheh

Photobucket's a sad day today for my iTunes fave site for downloading freshest singles and albums have been shutdown by i gotta find a new source to keep me updated...i'm gonna miss your site Bob...hopefully, you'll get resurrected somewhere :)

...i'm finally watching Wolverine later (i have made plans several times but they always get canceled)...and probably have some dinner at Cyma with Sheila after...i've been craving for pastisado and some chicken gyro on the side...yum :)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

30 before 30

...some changes were made with work this week that put a huge smile on my face...i got a new boss who i super like plus i get to be on a schedule i really love (more time for me to try new stuff - i got a long list and i'm doing them one at a time)

...i have almost completed my so called "bucket list" before i hit 30 (that's 5 years from now by the way)...some of those in the list are something that can be done in a shuteye (i just opted to procrastinate) and some would take months or even a year of preparation...this is something i'm really excited about...30 things before i hit 30 that my friends are back in CDO i now got the weekend all to myself (not that i'm complaining)...i revived my partyboy moves last week (it felt like college all over again)...and i was surprise that my alcohol tolerance is still quite impressive hehehe





...i wonder what's in store this weekend..probably watching X-Men: Origins with my personal Wolverine would do and a nice dinner at Blu would be lovely

Sunday, May 03, 2009

holiday weekend

...i got 3 days consecutive off from work the last weekend which was something that came in handy...some of my closest friends from CDO decided to spend the long holiday weekend in Cebu and boy i was exhausted by the time Monday came...they wanted to try doing the Skywalk which i opted to skip (aside from altophobia, i needed some sleep so i can join them for dinner)....had some gyros, souvlakis and some pasta for carbs at Cyma and had coffee after



...went home after having few bottles of beer and woke up super late the day after...although it was raining we went to Shangri-la to check the beach...had few cocktails at Cowrie Cove while waiting for sunset and of course few camwhoring in between :)




...went back to the city for dinner with me and Ian going back to Cyma while the other 2 opted for some Thai food at Siam...had coffee after and all went home to change clothes to party...



...i'll blog about the party next time...i'm starving and i badly need some coffee...wish you all enjoy your weekend as much as i did :)