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Friday, October 03, 2008

exhausted...a bit

...i'm super exhausted...i never thought retail therapy could be so tiring (if only i'm not tagging my Macbook along with me , i'll be feeling lighter literally hehehe :)

...oh well...good thing it's well compensated with fab Tyler finds and cool sneaks from if only i can find that messenger bag i've been looking for then i can finally get home and rest...i can't afford the LV Damier yet....not just yet :)

...made a quick pit stop at coffeebean for some green tea ice blended stuff...and a lil' shot for some photo op hehehe


...enjoyed Souvlaki after at Cyma with Maui and Sheila then head back to Starbs for more caffeine fix :)


...gotta sleep a flight to catch by tomorrow and back to workin' my ass off again


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