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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tax and shopping

...i was a personal shopper for a few minutes earlier for a friend and it was fun...i envy those who can make it as a's always nice to make someone feel good about themselves and sincerely compliment them whenever needed :)

...i forgot to logout earlier from our online payslip site and let an agent signed in to it using my PC...i didn't know that the site is cookie enabled so when the agent accessed his online payslip he accidentally opened felt weird and a bit sad when he pointed out that my tax deduction is more than what he earned in almost a month (i guess that will make him want to do better with his job to get to a higher level)...

...i can't sleep's time for one more round of coffee


...chell! and maybe later if i'm still not sleepy i can do some retail's been quite a while :)


:: cb :: said...

rich kid! haha baka sweldo ko, SSS mo lang! hahaha

ash said...

bweheheh sobra naman :)