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Monday, June 22, 2009

dos palmas weekend

...WOW philippines mode one more time for me after spending the last weekend in Dos Palmas Palawan...i know that there is soo much too see in that province but i opted to stay in the island and went on full chill mode coz i know once i get back to work, its going to be probably the busiest 2 weeks of my of those quarter enders yah know :)


...i won't go through too much details of things i did when i was there coz i'm feeling lethargic and i still have few episodes left for my "Lie To Me" marathon though one thing's for sure...i gained another few pounds just being there for the weekend (imagine a bloated blowfish heheheh)...see below :(


...and ow, did i tell you i am now in a relationship? love is in the air for me heheheeh


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