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Saturday, March 13, 2010

out! and a Pacquiao brunch

...after spending the last few weekends at home i was finally convinced by friends to go out on a Saturday night (got no choice really, they showed up knocking on my door already made up, interrupting my X-Men trilogy marathon)'s pretty much the same when you go out these days...i've seen few new faces but they don't seem to excite me at all...i don't know if i was just looking for something more interesting or that partyboy inside me is totally dead...either way, it was quite a waste of time...had 2 shots of vodka and called it a night (my alcohol tolerance is back to square 1), i still have my X-Men trilogy to go back to :)


..which reminds me to change that's way too fuckin' vain hehe :P

...come early Sunday morning i was one with the whole Philippines glued to the TV set to catch Manny Pacquiao's fight on Pay Per View while having some brunch with friends from work :) wasn't as exciting as his previous fights but you gotta hand it to the guy for still being on top of his game..if not for Clottey's nasty defense till the 12th run he could have been knocked out and i could have won some cash (i bet for the fight to be over by the 7th round hehehe)

Photobucket least the pasta was to die for...surprisingly asparagus and sardines go very well together :)


...and of course it did put a big smile on my face hehe



Mac Callister said...

di ako nanood i was sound asleep and just wait for the news if he wins or not LoL!

ash said...

hehehe least you woke up to some good news :)