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Thursday, April 09, 2015

happy carbs

planning to cheat (on your diet of course) this weekend? here's my Top 4 favorite places in Cebu to get your happy carbs fix :)


1.Pho Xao from Phat Pho - this Vietnamese fried noodles is loaded with prawns and vegetables (bean sprouts, crispy fried shallots, carrots and spring onions) and you can ask them to serve it mild or super spicy (i prefer the latter). I usually pair this with sticks of beef satay and Vietnamese rolls, and yes, no rice needed!

2. Cacio E Pepe from Tavolata - their version is a personal favorite. This dish is a tricky order because it's either a hit or a miss partly because of how simple it is to make. Tavolata's version achieves the right balance of cream and pepper and the handmade pasta seals the deal. It's creamy but not overpowering and the fettucini is perfect to the bite.

3. Hazelnut Pancakes from Tinderbox - if you're craving for something sweet then head over to Tinderbox and order this masterpiece. Stack of pancakes with hazelnut spread and sliced bananas, whip cream and sprinkle of powdered sugar. I think I just gained a few pounds trying to describe the entire plate.

4. Lasagna from The Corner Bakery - probably the best lasagna in this side of the world! I have been trying to hack the bechamel recipe for months but to no success. Their lasagna has a "melt in your mouth" goodness and the flavor is perfectly balanced. Plus the fact that I live few cartwheels away from the bakery is the icing on the cake! :)


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