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Saturday, October 27, 2007

missing you badly...irrationaly

To Keith:

i may seem to be the biggest attention whore ever but when it comes to my lovelife, i would want to keep it as private as i possibly can...

but i just can't help it

...i'm missing you so badly...irrationaly...2 weeks seem like almost may sound cheesy but it's true (i'm overplaying Kyla's cover of TLC's "Miss you so much" while doing this post - on a rainy Saturday night)...that's how depressing it is...

come home Chubaboink and make me smile!

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...i'd been killing time downloading cover art for my ipod touch coz i'll be needing it so badly coz it turned out my flight for Hong Kong's an hour ahead from that of my least i can blast up some tunes in the airport while waiting for 'em...

...i need to start packing, my sched's gonna be crazy next week aside from the fact that i'm working 7 days straight...kill me now!!! but i gonna know it's gonna be so worth it after - delaying gratification at its finest :)

***at least i found something that made me smile :)

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