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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

this is my grown-up christmas list...not!

aside from the usual world peace for christmas, i got some yummy cravings i wanted for the season...and yes - i am saving you the trouble of thinking what to give me to make me happy :)

let's go through the list shall we?

 1. a pack of 3 musketeers - something i haven't eaten for the longest time...someone's gotta go to Duty Free and buy me a bag ASAP before they run out of stock again.

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 2. flexible fit boxers from Calvin - this new collection is delish...if it's not yet available here you can give me one of those "Steel Collections" and i want the one with the gold waistband

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***model sold separately...u can have it included by the way...i wouldnt have a problem with that ^^wink^^

3. sony ericsson's W880 - i think it's time to give my P910i's a rest...i've been abusing it much for the last 2 years...and beside this new baby is super slim...i'm inspired to go on a crash diet to match its size

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4. Starbucks peppermint mocha - i wouldn't care about the journal, i need the coffee...cmon' this is the easist one in the can give it to me in an the way i wanted it triple shot/non-fat/nowhip/extra-hot

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5. Armani Exchange's Logo City Baseball Hat - it wouldn't be complete without the must-have Armani...this is something that can add up to my collection and it featured the New York city skyline...and by the way i havent't had anything black for a cap

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...these are little precious that i would want for wouldn't be a wishlist for others but hey where's the fun in that if you can have all of 'em in an instant :)

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