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Saturday, December 29, 2007

finding neverland...and the must-have new year's resolutions

...i'm having sleeping problems lately and i don't even know why...i got myself checked by an optometrist and she said my eyes were perfect (as they always have been hehehe)...maybe i just need to take a breather - i've been spending too much time on excel that he seems like a pseudo boyfriend for the past few days day more and it's gonna be the new year...2007 was a good year for me (there's the promotion, the lovelife and having to spend my birthday with my fab friends somewhere not here)...hope 2008's gonna be better than's the year of the rat and yeah speaking of rats, i got bad dreams about them and their kind that i don't wanna's morbid

Here we go with the must have new year's resolutions list ( in fairness to me, i managed to achieve 2 out of 10 from last year hehehe) :

1. SAVE!!! - for the future splurge hehehe

2. get a gym membership and get serious with working out (this seems to be in my list almost every year that never gets done)

3. always remember the magic formula : happiness = reality/expectations

4. to spend more time with my mom ( i miss her badly)

5. get promoted (this means less slack time/ get busy with business) far I've got 5 but i know more will come up later

***ride with me and let's welcome the new year :)


Happy New Year babies...stay fab!!!

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