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Friday, September 25, 2009


....took few days leave from work because i was already too exhausted and i thought that if i have to go to work for one more day i'll collapse...i was already dead tired this morning so when shift ended all i can think of was my bed...but after 3 hours of sleep (that's more than enough for a power nap) i just couldn't get back to my dreamland :('s a Friday night and i'm suppose to make the most out of the time i'm away from work but i realized i got no one to go out with...pathetic! all of my closest friends are in CDO with few some geographically located halfway around the world...and i don't want to go out with some random acquaintances just for the sake of being able to go out...or go on a mercy date, that is just desperate

...that's the perk of being in a always have a fallback whenever needed...a fallback for almost everything - a coffee break partner, a weekender buddy , the titles are endless...and yes that didn't sink in until now...but for what it's worth i'm still better off being single than be in a shiteous relationship...but then again, i might just be bitter :P


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