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Monday, November 01, 2010


...few hours from now, i'll be a year older and i'm at a point in my life where i can say i'm genuinely happy...i have a stable job that affords me some beautiful sometimes useless things, a boyfriend who super loves me, great set of friends - they're not much but they're all special :)

...nothing fancy for tomorrow, just an intimate lunch with close friends that are here in Cebu and few more friends from work..made reservations at Ipar's - a Spanish resto i've been wanting to check out for the longest time...pre-ordered the staple paella, slow-cooked chicken and some lengua and will just decide on the rest when i get there...i just hope the food will taste good coz they looked super delish in the picture :)


...and since it's my birthday, i've already given myself 2 gifts in advance hehehe...a new scent called Milano by Prada which comes in a huge 200ml bottle which i super like :) it starts off with a clean powder scent which then turn into a masculine but very subtle scent :)


..and a new pair of shades (which i think is about time i get a new one) Holbrook by Oakley which is super cool...the frame is super light and the lens are just wonderful!


...these shades felt like they were the ones used by cyclops of the x-men LOL!!! too bad my Blackberry cam didn't give this picture much justice hehehe


...i still got a few things on my bday wishlist..who knows one of my friends got one item or two in that list for will be so much easier moving to my x-mas wishlist if that's the case :)


Hey Garcon said...

i used up my prada milano. got it in manila. where did you buy yours?

ash said...

i asked a friend who's a flight attendant to get it for me's almost x-mas...give me a post b-day/early x-mas gift hehehe