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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the art of Draw Something

...when was the last time you got addicted to something? i have been sacrificing a couple of my bedtime hours for the last 4 days just to play everyone's new favorite game, the very popular app called Draw Something...the game's concept is very simple yet it's very addictive...if you haven't installed this in your Apple device yet, then you're missing on a lot of fun LOL!

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...i don't have the talent when it comes to drawing (i'd like to think i'm the worst in the world) but it amazes me how my friends can still managed to guess my drawings no matter how abstract/obscure they looked LOL...take this one as an example - when i was starting to draw this, i was trying to draw an anchor and submitted it to a friend..she ended up very frustrated trying her hardest to guess what the drawing was and ended up posting the picture in her Facebook timeline for help LOL!!!

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..i know it looked like more of a capital J than an anchor hahaha but that's the beauty of the doesn't need a lot of skill or talent for that matter...all you need is a free imagination and some common sense :)

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