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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

new found love

...i have spent the last few days finishing George R.R. Martin's A Clash of Kings and immensely enjoyed it..i can't wait for the new season to start this coming April 1 on initial plan was just to wait for the tv series to start but i just can't help thinking about what came next after Daenerys gave birth to the 3 dragons..the book was so well written that i can't barely find time to stop reading it :)

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...the only other thing that's keeping me busy these days aside from work is Champ..i found a new love for dogs and i'm starting to feel really comfortable around them...last Sunday, i took Champ out for a photoshoot but it didn't work out that well..Champ is the worst dog model in the world LOL! i can't manage to get a clear shot of his face...not a single one :(

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...summer has officially started and the heat outside is just CRAZY...i'm still planning for a vacation mid-April but for now, i'm fine with a pint of Cherry Garcia to beat the heat :)

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