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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a date with myself :)

...i can no longer remember the last time i had a date with myself so i decided to take some few days off from work and initially planned on going somewhere north like Dumaguete (i'm bad with directions so i'm not sure if it's north LOL)...the planned didn't push through and i ended spending my time within Cebu...i decided to go back to Shangri-la (after spending Easter Sunday with friends there) with just a book, a camera and some sunscreen :)

..i started off with a late lunch at Tea of Spring..i shy away from the tempting Tides lunch buffet coz i wanted something new and light...ordered some stir-fried udon in black pepper, freshly steamed shrimp dumplings (which is the best i've tasted by the way) and a serving of jasmine's a dimsum feast i don't mind doing more often :)

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...after lunch, i went to my favorite Shangri-la spot (the big rock right in the beach front) and started reading the remaining chapters of "A Clash of Kings" while playing my beachfront playlist in my ipod (it's a combination of All Saints, Dario G, Moby, Madonna and few Hed Kandi remixes)..the only break i had was when i took a solo shot of myself to capture the moment :)

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...around 3 PM, i decided to move to different spot to finish reading my book while stealing glances at beautiful strangers by the poolside - and i have the perfect thirst quencher to beat the heat while doing that :)

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...i no longer waited for sunset as i needed to meet up with some friends for up with them in Dolce (which is a new happy place for me) and had servings of their famous butter cake paired with some Italian coffee

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...after dessert, i decided to skip dinner - i needed a long shower more than anything else and went straight to felt really good doing something spontaneous and rewarding at the same time and can't wait for the next one :)

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