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Thursday, January 03, 2008

being cynical about love over a caffeine fix

...i had dinner with an old friend last night - something unplanned (i-bumped-into-you-and-suddenly-i-want-to-have-dinner type hehehe) and by the way i ended up being sooo underdressed for that dinner hehehe


***damn!!! check out those boots, and the full make-up...and me on the other hand is wearing somethin normal, the always dependable Lacoste shirt:


...nyway, after dinner, we head to Starbucks to get our caffeine fix for the night...catch up with "whatever-the-hell-happen-to you stuff", stories about love labor's lost and all the stuff that goes along with it...him being cheated by someone he thought would be the one till the end - now that sucks BIG TIME and i'm sure all the drama about love went all the way down the drain... he's cynical about love, sleeping around or finding the "boytoy for the night" for a temporary high to cope with the pain but when it's over and done i'm sure it's the feeling of being empty that will surface...feeling alone and unloved...and it's normal for him to feel that way...all i could do is listen, and appreciate the fact that i am happy with my current relationship and being loved :)

...but i guess i gave him something to remember before calling it a night, which is this (a line from William Forrester):

No matter how you bury yourself in the quicksands of life, love will always find a way to surface you back"


AV said...

Yung jacket!!!! Ibalik mo yng jacket!!!! Shet ka!!!! Yng jacket sa ngipin!!!

ash said...

hahaha tatawa for sure yung friend ko 'bout the comment...akalain mo pati jacket ng teeth sponsor pa rin nya hehehe...kaloka no?