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Friday, January 11, 2008

i got my bags packed baby i'm ready to go

...i'm leaving a lot of things behind...friends from work, my agents who i've been with for the longest time, Cebu - which i've learned to love...

...and of course i'm leaving behind the person i love the most - this thought alone can make me want to leave everything behind but then i gotta do this...for my own good...for my growth


...gosh it feels like i'm not coming back hehehe...before i know it, 3 months' all over and done like the speed of a shuteye...i'll make sure that at the end of this stint I'll be making a pit stop first in Singapore or wherever he may be and i can't wait for that day to come

...a lil' send-off party from friends last Saturday...i sooo want to cry looking at these pictures hehehe...yeah i know - i'm over-reacting...but that's what i do best



***w/ my two best mentors/pseudo-girlfriends/life support all rolled into one :)


***and my iPod died on me...this is sooo depressing

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