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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

the best 5 days..probably

...was in CDO the last weekend (well 5 days actually)...the initial plan was to attend a concert and a wedding after that plus a road trip come Sunday for some ancestral home visit and some pizza...all were done except for the road trip (i hate it when people bail out at the last minute - such spoilers)

...but anyway, this vacation was just what i needed, i had a hell of a work week before that (thanks for having 2 of your big boss around)...i'll let the pictures do the talking :)






...i don't know how many cups of coffee i've drowned myself with the last 5 days...and i don't want to start talking about the multiple dinners i had with friends...the pile of calories is just in time for the holidays (hey, at least i got an excuse)

...and ow, one last thing, i finally finished the fifth and final Percy Jackson installment...i super love it!!! i can't still move mind's still filled with too much love for Greek mythology



Bleeding Angel said...

I think i saw u at rob place ermita last time 3 weeks ago at max's... Or maybe i am wrong...anyway nice entry!

Kristine said...

Wow 5 days in CDO! Can't wait to be home this christmas :)

ash said...

@bleeding angel : i was in Manila 3 weeks ago but i didn't get the chance to go around much except Makati area :)