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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Here we go with the resolutions...i think i'd like to copy paste some items from last year because i never get to do them :) hopefully this time, my will's stronger than my body and mind hehehe

1. Less coffee. I will only have coffee on weekends unless someone's paying for me during workdays :) That's instant Php 1,100 savings right there per week!

2. Need to zero out credit card dues and have the other one canceled.

3. Go less on the carbs and this time be serious about it and not go on one-time yoyo diets. The goal is to fit back into those Tylers'.

4. Less indulgence (and i'm not talking about the material things hehehe).

5. Will try to enroll in a gym. TRY is the operative no pressure at all.

6. Be more in touch with old friends. Go on a vacation to visit them once in every 3 months. You'll see me more often in CDO and Manila this time and who knows NYC!!! right Danne?

7. Plan to go to Bangkok middle of the year - yes, the gay sabbatical either alone or with someone (that is if i'm still attached hehehe).

8. Start investing. Enough said.

9. Learn to drive this year. This is really is it!.

10. Be happier this 2010.

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