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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

crazy ex

...i got a text message late in the afternoon yesterday from a friend telling me about how my ex (the 2nd one) is going ballistic on him...i called up my friend and asked for the details - the dirty details (X was calling him names - the really nasty ones)

...i just find it absurd that up until this time he thinks that he still got a hold of me and i don't even know how he found out about me being friends with someone he happened to know...all of my exes (which is not much of a number by the way -2) deleted me from their FB account so you can call it stalking at its finest if they get to find details about whatever is happening with my life...

...anyway, i just hope that he gets to finally move on (i thought he already did)...and i wish that he gets to grow up and be mature about the thing that happened between was short and sweet and ending the relationship was the right thing to do before anything worse happens

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