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Thursday, February 11, 2010

never again

...there was a reason why LBC/UPS/DHL was created - and that is to make sure that when you talk about Express Mail/Delivery it means express in the most literal sense...unfortunately, people from the post office don't know what the word means friend who recently came back from her short vacation in Japan (i'm super jealous), sent me something from Calvin Klein as pasalubong...but instead of having it sent over LBC, she was possessed and decided to send it through the post office...and that screwed up took us both multiple phone calls to do a follow-up on it's delivery last resort was to go to post office and made a personal follow-up and only after that i was able to get the package...psot office system here sucks's like going through HELL!!!


...good thing i didn't get to the point where i have to throw a bitch fit...a little intimidation was all i needed (a lil' American accent works wonders hehehe)

...thanks Ble for the gift..i needed something classic and this was just perfect..and the collector bottle is a super plus :)


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