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Saturday, February 27, 2010

summer edition

...2 days ago i heard it from the local TV that summer officially started and i just thought i started it way too early - from spending the weekend at Imperial Palace to Boracay the week after...i'm now in the process of getting my skin tone back to where it used to be...i find it funny sometimes to see myself in the mirror looking way too dark :)

...and since it's summer, everyone needs something colorful, light and breezy so i got myself the perfect scent for the season - Diesel's "Fuel For Life" - summer edition :) i checked Rustan's earlier and it won't be available locally until early April :)


...i have been obsessing about the original Fuel For Life when i get to smell it the first time...and to have something of a lighter version that's perfect for daywear is just absolutely wonderful...i'll probably be using this daily till summer ends :)


...what's your favorite perfume/cologne for summer kids? suggestions? if you can find something better than this then you are a genius...but then again we have different senses so to each his own :)

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