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Monday, February 27, 2012

the Brit's "new boring" & the signature recipe

...i have been overplaying music from British acts in my ipod for the past 2 months to the point that it's already becoming an obsession...aside from Adele (which i have been a fan for the past 4 years), i have fallen in love with Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine and Ed Sheeran...these artists have been dubbed as the "new boring" by the critics and their music just bring total eargasm!

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...aside from listening to British music, i have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting on some pasta dish..i wanted to create something that will become my signature dish and after a couple of trial and errors, i have perfected my own pasta dish - a killer combo of cream dory and shrimp with a tomato cream sauce infused with some chili pepper flakes for that extra kick :) the picture doesn't do any justice to it (blame it to my poor Blackberry camera) but it tastes way better than it looks :)

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...lastly, i've been looking for a new scent for summer/spring...i still got my ever dependable CK Shock whenever i need a fresh scent but i need something lighter and one with a citrus base...after a couple of choices, i have decided on ordering Prada's Amber Pour Homme Intense 2012..i can't wait for this baby to arrive and get added to my collection :)

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..what's your scent for summer? :)

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