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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

bad's only what you make it :)

...really bad day..forgot my wallet in the office, good thing i've got enough money in my pocket to pay for the cab, lost my ipod somewhere in the mall i guess (i don't know where i left it - was thinkin it was in the carseat the whole time) this is getting frustrating...forget it!

...was browsin on some random bulletin posts in Friendster and thought this one is really word:



"What if sinabi sau to ng past love

1. Hi! Musta ka na? Tagal na nating di
nagpapansinan ha?!
-- does that have to end?

2. Ui! Gusto mo mall tayo ng barkada
-- i dont believe we have the same set
of friends..

3. I LOVE U..
-- oh my god!!! i love me too!

4. Do you want some cookie?
-- no thanks, im on a diet.

5. Picture naman tayo oh?!
-- nah.. here's my solo pic.. enjoy!

6. Tulungan mo naman ako sa homework
-- when will you ever develop a brain?

7. Eto gift ko sayo.
-- and this is in exchange of what?

8. Text text na lng tayo hah?
-- so u've finally learned how to
construct decent sentences without
grammar lapses?

9. Gusto mo bilan kita ng iPod?
-- i can afford my own.

10. Tabi naman tayo sa bus pwede?
-- i dont take the bus.

11. Hi mahal ko!
-- *walk out*


***and was browsin through my old files and found these pics...really old taken when i'm at the happiest point in my life...wish i can revisit it for one more time...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

***with Tin and Sanch having a serving of spoiled tiramisu at Roma Mia hehehe...still remember getting all the food for free after complaining they served me somethin' spoiled :)

***and i look like a chikiting patrol cast in this pic heheh

...and speaking of chikiting patrol, this one's super cute!!! it :)

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