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Friday, April 13, 2007

super blue for all the right reasons

...been drowning myself lately with too much alcohol (been on a 2-shot tequila breakfast for the last 3 days now) and sooner i'll be finding myself sitting in one of those AA sessions...this gotta stop!

...i'm blue for a thousand reasons...and i hate it

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1. felt like i'm losing control with work (with my agents)
2. i have an unhealthy relationship with my boss
3. i miss my mom...badly
4. i don't have a fuckin' lovelife
5. i'm thinking about a lot of things i shouldn't be bothering

...hope i can get over this quick...i need a weekend getaway...


robeebaby said...

so this account is still active hahaha!
i can totally relate to item #4...
we should get ourselves some temporary boyfriends!!!! LOL

ash said...

hhahaha...of course it's much more alive...more private...find me one by the way for item no.4