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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

tequila overdose for a boring Monday night a planned drinking spree at Marj's condo on a monday night (since i got no work, might as well get wasted)...she cooked some carbonara and longganisa from Lucban (weird combo i know)...she had some vodka already chilled and i brought some wine...thing is when i got there turned out she doesn't have a corkscrew for the wine so i needed some help from up above (literally hehehe)

...another close friend got a unit 5 floors higher from where i was who unfortunately doesn't have a corkscrew but she offered something i just can't resist...a bottle of tequila rose paired with the good 'ole jose cuervo...tequila overdose galore!!! and ow someone from Don Henrico's sent some love over (delish chicken and spicy beef salad...yums!)

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***perfect medication for a boring Monday night

...didn't take much time to get halfway with the tequila rose till it was bottoms up...she was knocked out while i managed to get a few shots of cuervo, texted someone to come over for a drunken shag and doze off...

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***i looked like a total piece of s*** in this photo...halfway getting wasted...

...woke up with an aching head and i was throwing up like crazy...never felt miserable like this for the longest time...i'm not lonely but i'm not happy...the thought of going back to work makes me wanna throw up more...

this is gross...i'll post's maybe better...soon :)

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