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Monday, May 21, 2007

about having tight undies and KitKat for lunch

...i can no longer take the hundred strands of white hair in my head that i finally decided to get a new color...i don't wanna wake up one day looking like Taylor Hicks ewww...guess it happened because of too much stress from work and having my hair blow dried for the longest time i can remember...i got a subtler color this time, wanted to do the platinum blonde like Becks but i don't wanna go through the same pain so i got rid of the thought...i've got ash brown this time...just right to fill those nasty strands...

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***i badly need some sleep still

...met up with Ian after to do some catching up, she spent one blissful week in Dubai for a vacation...had dinner at some resto havin some chops and got coffee after...and ow...she got me these...lots of luv from Dubai...stretch undies from Zara...she got me 4...and this is mah fave it :)

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...woke up late this morning...super starving but i can't get out because of the super-duper heavy rain...felt like those raindrops gonna drill a hole in the rooftop...good thing i still got a pack of kitkat left...enough to fill me up till the rain stops while listening to Hillary Duff's "Come Clean"...sweet!

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...and i'm downloading HEROES's finale right now...can't wait :)



BitchyMikeyMike said...

hhhoooyyyyyyyy ZAAARRRAAAA!!!!! hahahhaha I love those "fuck me" boxers!

ash said...

hahahah..."fuck me" boxers huh? guess i gotta wear 'em more often :)