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Thursday, May 31, 2007

LOST : baby ogre

...was acting crazy 'bout my lost baby ogre...he's always placed in my workstation and right after going back to work from my off he's already gone...looked for him in all places possible and i even let someone from comm department to send an e-mail about him being everyone in the floor knows that the baby ogre was missing :)

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...many offered to buy me a new one sadly, it came from future boyfie so there's something special 'bout it than just a plain piece of green plastic :(

...managed to get 3 hours of sleep, pulled out an old vintage tee and a jacket and much to my surprise, the baby ogre was all along in my jacket's pocket...amnesia galore...i'm getting old and it's not funny...i need to send an announcement again later to let everyone know that he's been found :)

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