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Saturday, June 14, 2008

on manning lines and queues

...i was back to working on a Saturday night (something i haven't done for more than a year now) though it's gonna be only for this week...what's disappointing was it turned out i was the only TL who's scheduled for the entire shift... expected, i did the one man/woman show felt refreshing though doing soemthing you haven't done for a long time...i was manning a whole shift, calling out the shots on who's going in, who's out , when they can take breaks or's like handling a fragile Lego toy with you being so careful for it not to fall apart

...much like on real life, it's all about the perfect timing...knowing when to call the right shots, knowing when to let go and knowing when to give up

...oh well, at least i get to attend a friend's birthday party later...carbo overload and then some :)

..enjoy the rest of your weekend, i just did mine...working :)

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