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Sunday, June 01, 2008

guilty pleasure and SSB

...what's your guilty pleasure?...something that you really enjoy yet at the same time you don't want anyone else to find out about it...either it's quite embarassing or maybe it's quite something taboo to others that you'd rather keep it to yourself...

...i remember watching one episode of Sex and the City where Carrie Bradshaw was talking about each of us having our own SSB (Single Secret Behavior) could be from the simple biting of nails instead of using your good 'ole nailcutter or binging Oreos while watching your favorite porn by midnight - whatever it all boils down to one thing...they gave us the pleasure and at the same time letting go of any inhibitions while doing it (these would most likely apply to our best kept secret erotic fantasy hehehe)...

...well, i got lots of SSB actually, 2 of my closest friends already know about it, but there's one that i think is pretty normal and something that i did earlier which led me to writing this's doing a marathon of watching super cheesy Tagalog films...think of "Kailangan Kita", "When Love Begins", "My Big Love" (which i just enjoyed earlier hehehe) and all of those Ai-Ai's slapstick comedies and you'll know what i'm talking about...hehehe...


...the only reason why i had it considered SSB is that most of my friends don't really know that i'm the type who digs for these corny stuff (or at least i think)...but there, now you know it, i if in case you have a copy of some of the Tagalog flicks shown lately that i might have missed then let me know and for sure you'll put on a big smile on my face :)

..."Caregiver" anyone? hehehe

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