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Thursday, June 12, 2008

starting twilight

...i haven't been blogging much lately (well at least not like the way i used before)...blame it on having to work full time again and getting lesser slack time for this kind of stuff...i can't even do blogging at home because our DSL's disconnected (someone didn't bother to pay the bill for the last 5 months...amazing....and that wasn't me if you ask)

...while waiting to have it reconnected and get myself back to my old blogging momentum, i'm back to my 2nd love next to music which is reading...i used to kill time flipping pages of Ann Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" or that Dan Brown series which was way hyped before

...i recently finished Jenna Bush's work entitled "Ana's Story" - a story about a girl born with HIV and how she coped with it through childhood till she got one of her own child...story's really pure and simple in a way that you can relate to it at some point (since this is third world anyway) and the story seems too familiar that what's in it can be found whenever you watch one of those current soap operas' on TV - Pinoy drama is too theatrical sometimes


...since i got an extra time off from work, i went to Powerbooks earlier and bought Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight"...i know i'm a bit late and i need a lot of cathing up (with Eclipse and New Moon that is to complete the series) at least i can get to finish it before the movie gets released later this year...

Photobucket's like remembering my Ann Rice moments all over again :)


Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

May I recommend "The Steel Remains" - I forget the author, but it's sci fi with really good gay sex scenes. Yes, the main character is raunchily gay. :-D

ash said...

i like raunchy stuff heheh...seems like the author is Richard Morgan...i'm gonna go through the reviews :)