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Thursday, June 05, 2008

it was love at first sight favorite couple in the whole wide world (second to my own of course hehehe) is in town to celebrate their anniversary...and i feel like i'm in love all over again hehehe

Happy Anniversary! :)


...and speaking of falling in love, i found the perfect portable that i'm gonna be buying - the Dell XPS was love at first sight...aside from the amazing specs, it has a sleek silver and crimson red finish, what more can i ask for?


...i'm reading through reviews from forums and in Cnet and checking the specs, after all i worked with Dell for more than a year, i should know it by heart hehehe

...i need 80 grand, i'll try to buy it on my own and give myself 2 months, if all else fails then mom's always one call away for helpline hehehe...


Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Mac forever! ... choz!

ash said...

Mac was my first love until i saw Dell XPS...i still got 2 months to made up my mind hehe :)